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  • She is one smart girl hopefully she will run for office later in life

  • There is a young lady that would debate almost all politicians especially O'Biden under the table, just wondering if the school board was listening. Right on.

    • Hey Richie, of course they were not listening, they will continue to abuse the position they are in... They need to remove every board member involved!!!!

  • couldn't hear sound

  • 2 things 2 remember about politicians : they don't get involved to help us out and they think that there are 2 sets of rules 1 for them and 1 for us

  • The entire school board should be recalled.  People with intergrity, honesty and morals need to become interested in local politics.  If most school board elections are like those in the city in which I live, they are supposedly non-partisan and it is very difficult to get actual information on the people who care running.  When a 9 year old has more intergrity than the alledged adults on the school baord, something is definitely wrong.

  • Truth hurts

  • I'm proud of her! She tells the truth!

  • This sort of participation and critique of our School Boards should be happening at every meeting... the School Boards of America need to be held accountable.  That means calls for resignations and law suites demanding the removal of rouge Boards and their policies should be a daily event.  Comments alone don't make for change... they must be followed up by appropriate legal action and public demands for change/resignations.

    Great little lady... smart, eloquent and way ahead of most of her peers.. her parent should be very proud.

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