83% of “protestors” with BLM are NOT BLACK

Real talk - It seems the only time Black Lives Matter to Democrats ...

The headline of the news release from the Pew Research Center was a master class in trying to make the headline fit the prevailing narrative: “Recent protest attendees are more racially and ethnically diverse, younger than Americans overall.”

“Large-scale protests and rallies for racial equality have captured public attention and amplified calls for policy reforms in recent weeks,” the Wednesday article began.

“Some 6% of U.S. adults say they have attended a protest or rally that focused on issues related to race or racial equality in the last month, and those who have are more likely to be nonwhite and younger than Americans overall, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. They are also more likely to live in an urban area and to identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party.”

Let’s say you stopped reading there. What would be your takeaways on the reading comprehension tests? a) Lots of people attended these protests. b) Those people skewed nonwhite. c) They tended to be urban and Democratic in nature.

You’d only get a high-D, however — 67 percent right.

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  • Twitter is now in bed with the Demoratic party. Any Tweet that you try to Tweet that is anti Demorat will not be posted. You will get a message saying that this page cannot be reached. SO MUCH FOR UNBIASED REPORTING!!  THEREFORE ANYTHING THAT YOU READ ON TWITTER IS NOT NECESSARY TRUE!!

    • Twitter, facebook, etc are censoring Trump from telling the truth. I say Trump takes control of the media and these leftist companies can take a hike.

  •  "Justice For George Floyd" is an impossiblity: the man is dead. And besides, the BLM rabble are running away from George Floyd as fast as they can. Floyd was a multiple-time criminal offender (including a home invasion in which he threatened a pregnant woman at gunpoint), and a long-time drug user and offender (he died with Meth and Fentanyl in his system). That "movement" never really cared much about him anyway; his death was simply an excuse for them to take to the streets in pursuit of an agenda entirely unrelated to the incident in Minneapolis. 

  • that's ok rachel dolezal lied about being black and she was head of the naacp in spokane washington. voters who voted for obama thought he was black even though his mama was white

  • I pray that you're right!! The Deep State Swamp is supper DESPERATE to take out Pres Trump. There is NOTHING that they won't do take complete power over our country and fundamentally change the United States into the Socialist Republic. This election is Life or Death of the United States. It's a binary choice. Do you want Freedom. Constitutionn and the Bill of Rights? Or do you want a country that controls everything, what you can own, what you can say, and total control of .our lives? ie Venezuela-! Just look what the Demorats have done over the last 3+ years. Lie, cheat, corrupt, obstruct, and undermine President Trump.


    • Richard, you are so right. Trump really needs to eliminate all opposition to him since they only undermine him. Nothing good comes from that. He needs to assume total authority over our great country. That's the only way we can keep our liberty, freedom, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

  • Unreal isn't it. Whites are doing the job BLM wants how stupid are we?   THis must stop.  GOD help us if Trump doed not win.

    Oh and BTW have u seen what SCOTUS is doing my lord.

    • Understand one does not have to be black or white to march in support of the Marxist organiztion BLM. They only need to be naive lemmings being led over the cliff or radical supporters of Marxism.

    • Trump will win. He is a born winner and won in a landslide in 2016 against all odds. He'll do it again. Don't believe the fake news and the fake polls. They are just out to get Trump and us but they will fail. 

    • I am going to Florida as a delegate for the Republican National Convention and we are all so excited for Trump.  God willing, he will win again and the Democrats can rant and rave and scream and I will be the happiest puppy in the basket!

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