Twitter added a “fact check” label to President Donald Trump’s tweets raising widely-held concerns with mail-in voting fraud earlier today, but it has failed to apply a similar standard to repeated falsehoods by elected Democrats, the mainstream media, and Joe Biden.

Unlike Facebook, which gives itself plausible deniability for fact-checking bias by relying on “third party fact checkers” (almost all left-leaning) to pick and choose what to fact-check and what to ignore, Twitter made the decision to fact-check Trump’s tweet itself, linking to an official “moment” curated by Twitter employees and containing numerous articles from the mainstream media calling the president a liar.

In a comment to Breitbart News, Twitter said there was no way for the President even to appeal the dubious “fact-check.”

In the past day alone, Twitter let falsehoods from the mainstream media have circulated without any attempt to involve “fact checkers.” The past few days and weeks reveal even more instances where misinformation from Democrats, Biden, and the mainstream media have been allowed to circulate on the platform without a fact-check.

1. Media falsely claim that Trump went golfing on Memorial Day — not fact checked by Twitter.

2. Biden, Democrats falsely claim they called for lockdowns one week before Trump — not fact checked by Twitter.

3. China pushes conspiracy theory that the U.S. military created the coronavirus — not fact checked by Twitter.

4. Biden claims Trump has “no comprehensive plan” for the virus or the economy — not fact checked by Twitter.

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