A U.S. military veteran who was charged in the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol breach has died.

John Anderson, 61, died at a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, on Sept. 21, according to family members and his lawyer. His cause of death hasn’t been disclosed.

“My sweet, handsome husband went home to be with the Lord,” Anderson’s wife said, according to his lawyer, Marina Medvin. Anderson’s wife is asking for prayers and privacy as she mourns the loss.

Anderson, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, was charged with seven counts in connection with the Capitol breach, including civil disorder, interfering with law enforcement, and stealing government property.

Anderson was arrested in late February in St. Augustine, Florida, and released pending trial about a week later.

Authorities said he was part of the crowd that attempted to enter the Capitol through a tunnel, clashing with officers in the process. But his lawyers said he did nothing wrong and was trapped by people pressing him from behind.

Screenshots from surveillance video in the tunnel show Anderson was struck with a chemical substance let loose by a male in the crowd. Police officers later sprayed pepper spray into the crowd, which also hit Anderson. He was assisted by officers through the tunnel after several minutes. Anderson said the officers saved his life.

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  • He died exercising His Right as an American Citizen to Enter "His House of Congress." The Buildings are used by Our Government Elected, however, the Land, the Buildings, and all Within and Without belong to the American People. There are No State Secrets in the Congressional Foyer", and therefore no reason to deny entry.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain




    Was he assassinated? What did he see? What did he know? Was he denied his meds through negliant assassination? 

  • Very sad

  • Pelosi one of the biggest treats to this republic . My hope is that her maker calls her to judgment ASAP for the good of the nation .

  • Dogs that once Kill Chickens will continue to kill Chickens once having tasted their Blood. People have tried to Break their Dogs of this Habit by "Tying the Dead Chicken around the Dog's Neck." It never worked, but the neighborhood knew which Dogs were Chicken Killers and could take steps accordingly. Pelosi should be made to wear the Bodies of the J6 Dead around Her Neck, so steps could be taken accordingly.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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