• That's 20,000 each for the West Coast Sanctuary States, but what the Hell, Mexican is the Main Language now anyway. As a Foot note, the majority of confiscated Firearms are Foreign Made, bright up from South of Our Border! Fentonal, Gunfire, Overdoses and Death is now the New Normal, along with Facial Masks, Social Distancing, and Mandatory Vaccination. Include Yellow Police Tape "Do Not Cross" at all Public Park Playgrounds. But the Empty Shelves, Long Lines, High Taxes, and Road Rage more than make up for any inconvenience. Thank you all so much you Tree Hugging, Bunny Sqeezing, Biden Followers for Our New Paradise!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The number will keep spiking until we have nothing left. 

  • Iona, What State were you in if I may ask? The reason being the First Sponsored Individual occurred in Hawaii during the Late 70's. The Second Individual was located in Alaska during the 80's. Dear friends of ours who were British, took theirs here in The Sanctuary Liberal State of Oregon, and the Test remained as the others, along with the remaining requirements. The main point of my former statement was Today's Past few Generations, other than being Citizens By Birth, could never achieve "Citizenship!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Ohio.......and agree, today's American born generation would not pass the citizenship test of decades ago if their lives depended on it.

      That said, I have helped several people get ready for their citizenship test, most of them needed help because their English was very basic, and in these cases I did see  the questions become very basic as well. Perhaps the fact that I spoke English well made the coke bottle glasses leftists irritated and he gave  me a hard time.

  • You know why there are no gangs shooting up the streets in the Country? Country Folks Return Fire! 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • It is getting to be that way everywhere... ask those who live in Chicago, Baltimore, LA, Watts, Seattle, Portland, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, most of the Major Metro areas are shooting galleries... open season on the unsuspecting citizens.

    • That's the way it should be everywhere. 

    • AMEN TO THAT !!!

  • Martha, Having Sponsored Two Individuals on Two separate occasions in Two separate Decades, to become American Citizens, the "Process" is neither hard nor complicated. One individual was from South Africa and the second from South Korea. In simple terms, documents are signed promising not to receive any form of Government Assistance, and within a period of 5 years a Test will be taken and passed on American History in English. That prior to your arrival you will have secure employment and a set amount of funds in  a Bank Account. The "Tests" I have little doubt that Today's High School Graduates could pass! And yet the greatest majority of these applicants take the "Test" and Pass on the First Try! I have stood with them when They took the Oath of Allegiance to be an American Citizen, and there were no Dry Eyes from the Shared Pride! Have you never asked yourself or wondered why the World's Population has increased 8 times in 60 years, and yet the American Population has not even Doubled? We are an "Exclusive Club" and not an "Open Beach!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • They dumbed down the process obviously, the guy who was testing me  in the 80s simply told me to tell him the history of the USA. I asked what part, he said "start at Columbus and I'll tell you when to stop". He let me go on to the Vietnam war, when he finally stopped me. He then had me read a bit, asked me to write a few sentences, asked some questions about how our government is set up, the constitution etc., and told me he will let me know in a few weeks if I passed. It wasn't hard, but one had to understand our form of government, and know the history, which is more than most highschoolers could do today, heck they might not pass the reading and writing.

      The swearing in was a large group, hundreds, and there was not a single eye dry. We were deeply touched, and ment every word in the pledge. I'm not so sure today it is the same for all of them......I think there are too many who do it to be able to come and go without having to go to the RIS every time you want to leave the country and show them you have paid your taxes, which could raise an eyebrow if one was traveling frequently especially to questionable least back then, today they look at us as terrorists!

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