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  • Republican Senators should tell Biden stop acting as President too much information on fraud are coming out and now it's to the Supreme Court time for all Republicans to stand with the President and the people,time to stop fearing the Democratic Party.

    • Biden should stop, but I suspect he will not. 

      I do not think Biden owns what adle-pated thoughts he has. 

      Biden is a mouth-piece, to be spoken through.

  • there is going to be lots more when this gets played out in the courts. And When President Trump is re-elected he needs to call the US Marshals in and start arresting everyone in this fraud

  • Sadly, we all know 6000 votes is TABLE CRUMBS compared to the total number of votes Biden had to create or flip from Trump using Dominion software and / or unrequested mail-in ballots.  The total across all states is in the MILLIONS.  

    • Pres. Trump's team only needs to demonstrate that thousands of votes have been fraudulently cast and that several States were involved to have the election declared void or the electors in those states where fraud was demonstrated and proven to be de-certified.  If no candidate has 270 CERTIFIED ELECTORS the choice for president devolves to the House where each State's Delegation gets to cast one vote for president with 26 votes or more required to become the Next President.  

      The GOP controls the Governors and Legislatures in 24 States, the Democrats in 15 States,  leaving 11 States split on control... if the GOP secures all 24 States in their total control they need only find 2 states in the remaining 11 split states.  Advantage goes to Pres. Trump... not however a sure thing given how the GOP is filled with RINO'a and Turn-coats.

    • That magic number 270 is either a rock solid foundation or a millstone around the neck.

      Whether it represents the actual will of the People, or not, seems treated as incidental.

      Is this what the People of the United States has become reduced to; a number value?

    • Michael...

      Yes,  however, that number of 270 is representative of the will of the people... weighted to include those who live in less populated States... it isn't just some number that was picked out of a hat.  Our founding fathers expected that the- States would be the primary sovereigns, not the Federal Government.t  The States actually elect the President thru the Electoral system.

    • Lets not forget the legacy media who created a whole new pre-electoral college photo-op position called "Office of the President-elect", so Quid-Pro-Joe could pose as Presidential while waiting.


    • Perception can become more powerful than reality ... when it is repeated enough times.  The MSM is simply trying to cement the idea that Biden won the election by illegally and prematurely portraying him as President.  The declaration of Biden's victory by the MSM is, in my opinion, unlawful Election interference... as the official certification of Biden as the victor has not occurred and may not happen... the MSM is very possibly attempting to influence the election process by fraudulently declaring and portraying Biden as the President-Elect

    • Between you and me, Biden ought to cancel any moving van reservations, and very likely forget any new 2020 wardrobe purchases since that will be taken care of in due course. 

      However, I do not believe in counting the chickens before they have been tried and convicted.

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