National Guard troops flooding in as Washington locks down | Star Tribune

Gov. J.B. Pritzker activated 500 Illinois National Guard troops Thursday, with plans to send them to Washington D.C. "at the request of the Department of Defense, his office announced.

“The U.S. Department of Defense has asked Illinois to assist federal and local agencies in this continued effort, and Major General Neely and I are ready to ensure that the state of Illinois continues its proud legacy of protecting our democracy,” Pritzker said in a statement. “Ultimately, we must root out the dark forces of racism, white supremacy and disinformation that have created this moment, but until we do that, our extraordinary troops will deploy with honor.”

The soldiers, along with some Illinois Air National Guard airmen, are expected to remain at the nation’s capital until mid-March.

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  • All of this excessive deployment is warranted in order to protect the most popular president in history?  Yeah, buddie. Makes perfect sense.  To a fool.

    And then this?  "Me (Pritzker) and Major General Neely are gonna protect our legacy and our democracy."  Ooooooooo.  " We gonna root out racism and WHITE supremacy".  Ooooooooo.  " And that ugly rascal "disinformation." Oooooooooo some more.

    Makes you proud to be alive with such heroes as this leading the way.

    • Dale...

      The Marxist Democrats are going to replace the current command structure with politically correct and divisive leadership... A command structure that supports racial quotas and a warped view of social justice.  They will double down on the counter and cancel culture.  Racist ideology will strip our MIlitary of the best-qualified leadership available and leave it divided and open to anit-white racism on a very large scale.

      In the long run, such Marxist policies work to destroy the military's historical system for promotion... advancing only the most qualified military leadership, in exchange for a new age POLITICAL leadership based on RACIAL ideology and quotas, rather than superior performance reviews. 

      The political Commissars of the old-style Soviet Military will be installed at every level of command... and those Officers and Non-Coms not touting the party line will be purged.  The result will be a divided military, beleaguered with repressed racial strife and drastically reduced military readiness. The left will finally get their way and the military will become one more failed bureaucratic system of socialist ideology.

    • I figure you are feeling like yanking your hair out over this. It has me fidgety.

    • I like your sarcasm.  Way to go!


  • One note: I have read they are complaining about the food and accommodations. 

    • Some military ... unable to deploy in DC without complaining about accommodations and food... the military is not supposed to be a VACATION or CRUISE SHIP experience... This could only happen in a counter-cultural revolution... where the individual sees themselves as ENTITLED... and as victims if they suffer any inconvenience. 

    • The demorats should be giving the National Guard room and lodging while they are in DC. Since they the liberal scum wants them down there.

    • Still, any cause to avoid aiding and abetting has merit! (the optimist in me)

    • That's not the Military I served in !!  

    • Well, it is better than dining with Schuuuuumouth or sleeping with Lugosi!

      Rough thought... those two mental images caused, not one note, but many notes, all in a dischordant cluster!

      Lugosi is evident.  Is the man in glasses our own Donald J. Trump?  The words are haunting in more ways than one!  Watch this to the end.  This is The Donald, isn't he?!  The script, written years ago, is also current!  Haunting then: haunting now!  To the last movement!  Hear!  Hear!

      Bela lugosi Dracula - YouTube

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