• Fine with me if the Bastard makes Bail! Provided he is fitted with an Explosive Neck Collar that enacts one inch beyond the Trigger Device!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I am also willing to bet that "Go Fund Me" ('Go F*** the Rest of Us') has already set up a page for him... JMO

  • Where, oh where, is George Soros when you need him? I guess maybe he doesn't have one of his 'no cash bail' prosecutors in Darrell's jurisdiction... I guess it sucks to be DB, unless one of the Woke-Folks (Woke-Fu**s) have an extra $5m to donate to a 'worthy cause.' Just saying.

  • Since he gets bail then the Jan 6 prisoners should get $450,000 per person for unlawful imprisonment. 

  • Really?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • What POS decieded this criminal deserves bail, should be held on NO BAIL.

  • Kamala will demand he be released on his own recognizance

  • A flight risk! I guess that’s right. Just look at what he does when he is supposed to be fleeing from police or a knife altercation.

    • You're buying into fake news again.  He wasn't fleeing from a knife fight.  He was involved in another domestic abuse altercation.  I wonder if he tried to run over this victim that time too.  The police didn't even have time to investigate the domestic abuse allegation before he ran the barricades of the parade.


    • Martha, that’s my weak sarcasm. I know damn well he’s out to kill anyone white and the news was trying to give him a less evil excuse. He actually did try to run over a girlfriend after punching her in the face.

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