• Good for him

  • What was the outcome of the request to remove masks? I think all masks are not helpful and we shoukd burn them all. 

  • This teaching Comes From The Home/Family-!!! ALL THIS "HATE" THAT'S HAPPENING TODAY STARTS AT HOME and at Local School Boards, IT ALL STARTS AT HOME-!!! BECOME ACTIVE

  • A future leader if the teachers and school boards don't mess it up

    • This child was WHITE and a MALE... his future is at risk if he remains in the Public School System.  The Public School System is systemically racist and biased against Boys...  especially White Boys.  Remove your children from the Public School System.... home school or enroll them in private schools... many affordable options are available for ONLINE PRIVATE SCHOOLING.

      We must shut down Pubic Education... give parents 'Education Vouchers' for the full amount the State pays to Public Schools and let the parent decide where to send their children to school... public, private or home school... as long as the institution providing the education can be certified thru testing as competent... use standardized tests that measure student progress an education level... ensure they are not biased or based on political correctness, revisionist history or such ideology as CRITICAL RACE THEORY.

    • As I grew up in this Country, My Parents and other Family Members Heald Back My ancestory/history- I was told I was Irish-( I look completly white) and passed that way my whole life(67y.o.) but in 2000, (47y.o.)- I found out that I was American Indian/ African Slave/ Irish(what a combination) What I'm trying to say, MOST PREJUSTICE PEOPLE DON'T KNOW WHAT THEIR RACE IS. I didn't know to listen to People That said YOU CAN NEVER AMOUNT TO ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU HAVE BLACK OR BROWN SKIN- I lived in a home that judged by your actions of the Heart (right or wrong actions)  At the dawn of life I just don't care what People Think- SORRY, JUST FELT LIKE TELLING THIS STORY OF LIFE

    • You were surprised that you have a few darker toned branches in the family tree? 

      Man, the Irish got around (and still do)!

      I know of three North American tribes I trace to, but you wouldn't know it to look at me.

      In the 1800s frontiers, if a girl just like Mom wasn't around, you worked with what was.

      Time is short when you hear the call...

                                                                          LANE: Hearing the call for next-gen hearing aid - News - Daytona Beach News-Journal Online ...

    • Robert how did you find out what your ancestory was?

  • This elementry schooler understands how to communicate.

    Snowflakes wilt when confronted with this kind of exposure.

    • My observation of snowflakes made me come to the conclusion that  when confronted they either backdown, laugh off facts, lie, or I had one call the cops on me because I wouldn't shut up when I was telling her off when she needed it.

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