Because her parents had attended the January 6 rally at the Capitol, a squad of 40 heavily-armed FBI agents held an 11-year-old girl at gunpoint while raiding her family’s Georgia home.

The agents, who arrived in four armored trucks, broke into the property on August 10 about five miles north of Covington in Newton County, according to the girl’s father, Donnie Hyatt.

Hyatt and his wife are accused of having ties to a far-right militia leader named Chris Hill, and they attended the rally in Washington, DC on January 6.

They did not participate in the storming of the Capitol.

Just take a minute to let that sink in.

The Dailymail reports Hyatt said he was in his car on his long driveway when the agents came to raid the property around 7am, and says electronics and communications devices including phones as well as computers were seized.

‘They had my 11-year-old daughter at gunpoint,’ he told the outlet. 

The agents’ laser sights were aimed at her, he said, and she is ‘pretty shaken’ by the experience: ‘She still shakes when she talks about it.’

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  • Imbecile gov't people led by an imbecile commander in thief.

  • Most of our History has been twisted to fit convenience. Inspite of this, we are (or were) the best game to have existed.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Lynn you are correct! In fact I believe it was Ted Cruze R-TX a few weeks ago during all the fall out about Biden his poor response to the Cubans and he pointed out to all the supporters of the Communist Regiem: So Communism is so great but...  I don't see any of you moving there!  Classic!

  • In 1965 the FBI gave the identity of a wittness against a corrupt police chief who latter came after the wittness, but was intercepted  by a parent.. Nothiing new going on today.

  • The Democrats own everything that's wrong with our country. 

  • How are the FBI still allowed to function with all the crimes they've committed against our supposed to be Free citizens? Being an enforcement arm of the Democratic party isn't their job description. We need to start a campaign to point the cameras in instead of on us because they are being domestic terrorist against us all while accusing us of the same. There's  more evidence showing the FBI is corrupted than not. It's doing more damage than good like all the rest of our corrupted government. The challenge would be to find something in our government that's not corrupt. You can't. 

    • Exactly


  • FBI, Federal Bureau of Idiots

  • We are in trouble, big trouble.

    Our constitutional protections have been cast aside by the tyrannical FBI.

    How sad for America and mankind.

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