3M Company Earnings: MMM Stock Moves 6% Lower on Layoffs ...U.S. mask manufacturer 3M has been accused of shipping critical protective equipment to foreign countries who outbid U.S. buyers by the head of Florida’s Division of Emergency Management.

On Thursday, Jared Moskowitz told “Tucker Carlson Tonight”  that he discovered that 3M distributors were prioritizing foreign buyers after they refused to sell him the essential equipment.

“The idea that an American company is selling masks away from our hospitals…doctors…the real heroes on the front lines is… really criminal.” 

“For the last several weeks, we have had a boiler room chasing down 3M authorized distributors [and] brokers representing that they sell the N95 masks, only get to warehouses that are completely empty,” Moskowitz said. “[We are] being told that our shipments are on cargo planes and the flights don’t even appear. We are chasing ghosts. I just decided to turn up the heat and tell people what is actually happening in the N95 mask space.”

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