• No, but an interesting one.

    • Wolfsberg, Nazi Germany's VW headquarters... a town built in the early part of the 20th Century specifically to house workers for Hitler's VW Project... Skeptical's avatar is their Coat of Arms.

    • Ahh, but it is more. Originally known as KdFstatt, Wolfsberg achitecturally represents one of the few successful programs of the German National Socialist movement called Kraft Durch Freude , along with the also surviving FKK movement (which has many resorts to friskily cavort in). I think you read my summary Colonel, so you know who the ardent wolf is. It is a constant reminder to disregard the heard call for fame and glory, and take the less immediate path which turns out to be best. 

    • Agood day is one where I learn something.

      ok.It's a good day,  I guess.


    • Sounds good 

  • Stand and fight , I  will never surrender  to the Communest.  NO NEVER  !

    • Might I suggest that we FIRST PICK OUR GROUND... before we stand and fight?  More battles are won with the proper preparation of the battlefield than in the actual conflict/engagement.  We must pick our place to engage, our ground to fight on,  We can then properly prepare for the engagement... on all fronts, and flanks of our engagement.

  • My what a surprise - NOT!

  • Satanist always shove the truth in your face!  Then trun around and make it your fault or your crazy.   Bait & Switch  Now you see it, now you don't.

  • I'm not surprised! The left believes they have the solution to keep power forever.

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