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Psychological warfare. Public opinion warfare. Legal warfare.

Known as the “three warfares” doctrine and relatively unknown in the West, these concepts serve as key strategies guiding the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in its quest to win a war against the free world without firing a single shot.

Psychological warfare seeks to demoralize the enemy; public opinion warfare seeks to shape the hearts and minds of the masses; legal warfare seeks to use systems of law to deter enemy attacks.

This explanation was set out in a recently released 650-page report that provides a comprehensive illustration of the Chinese communist regime’s global influence operations. The French-language report was published by the Institute for Strategic Studies of Military Schools (IRSEM), an independent agency affiliated with the French Ministry of Armed Forces.

Combined with another key CCP doctrine called “United Front” work, these principles have undergirded a breathtaking campaign by the Chinese regime to expand its influence and infiltration into Western democracies, the report stated.

United Front, described by the CCP’s first leader Mao Zedong as a “magic weapon,” is a policy that, according to the report, involves the regime “eliminating its internal and external enemies, controlling groups that may challenge its authority, building a coalition around the Party to serve its interests, and projecting its influence abroad.”

The report comes amid rising pushback from the West against CCP aggressions, including its severe human rights abuses, rampant theft of intellectual property, economic coercion, and military assertiveness.

Sweeping Effort

Guided by such strategies, the Chinese regime has built a sprawling infrastructure with global reach consisting of a broad network of state and non-state actors to execute its plans.

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    • Betrayal and fraud are not the responsibility of the betrayed or defrauded... they are the result of decades of gradualist manipulation of representative government. It is our representatives who have ever so cunningly manipulated the system to ensure they retain power... once in power. Congress has an approval rating in the mid-teens... but 95% of its incumbents are returned to office... how is that happening?

      Quick non-profit citizen voter surveys often beg the question who voted for the bum? Anecdotal inquiries often reveal no one in your group of friends, relatives, or employment associates voted for the candidates in office. Just how does the common man assert himself or herself in correcting such a situation? We are seeing the powerful and connected hopelessly struggling with voter fraud and massive government corruption to no effective end.  The average citizen is basically helpless in such a system of corruption... stop blaming them. 

      By the way, civil war is not a personal initiative... suicide is not the way to better government.  If we are to eventually end up in civil war it has to be by consent, initiated by the States, or major political parties and leaders... Anything else is suicide.

      Stop blaming the average man or woman... they did not bargain for or assist in promoting the present debacle we call government... they have been actively engaged in attempts to correct th problem... some are still in jail over the January 6th incident. Others across the country are suffering from the left's bigotry and oppression for their dissident behavior... especially, the Christian right and conservative activist. It is not the PEOPLE's duty to detect, arrest and prosecute bad conduct in government... The People elect or appoint representatives who are entrusted with such powers...only to be betrayed by many... over and over again.

  • Then there is the "Lop Sided Optimus." The One who knows that behind every Silver Lining is a Big Dark Cloud. The World has been and always will be in constant flux. Positive Survival requires a "Two Step Procedure." Adapt and Change to fit Self to Environment. Then Adapt and Change Environment to fit Self. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • iIt's almost past time to cut China off at the knees; we know the dangerous/bad ones by their actions - -expel them.  Stop all land and business purchases, in the US, by foreign nationals and ban foreign Chinese from attending our universities and institutions of higher education.  Ban publicly funded colleges and universities from accepting foreign monies, grants, endowments, etc. Last, but not least, eject the UN from US soil, along with all their foreign diplomats - -give all of them 72 hours to clear out of the US, or send them to GITMO!

    • "It's almost past time?"  No, dear June.  It is so far beyond almost past time that it is just about impossible to address this problem anymore.  We are 31 years into this Jane.  It was China that threw the election and put Biden into office.  We are no longer in control.  The globalists and the Chinese using the Democrats are.  See the bottom of the page; Sidney Powell.

    • What you say is probably true, however I remain "the eternal optimist" and refuse to see life through negative lenses.  God IS in charge and He will decide, no matter what.  Actually, WE are MORE than "40 years into this" - - as I recall, CPUSA "bought out" the original democrat party in the 1960's and the democommies have continued to evolve until now.  Now, they feel there is no longer any need to hide their evil agenda. They have been revealed and THEY will NOT win.  I also recall communism invaded the Vatican in the 1950's, thus, today, we have an illigitimate Pope, named Francis.  Pope Pius XII died in 1958 - -I have always questioned the "reason" for his death; that was when politics took over the selection of each Pope.  Since the death of Pius XII, there has been just "two" who were truly legitimate - -St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI. John Paul was a stronger character and VC was unable to drive him away, but they "forced" Benedict to "retire" early, under threat.  No one needs to believe what I have said, they only need to do the research and see what transpired, beginning with the very first Papal selection after the death of Pius XII - -the very first one, resigned immediately under threat of death to both him and his family.  

    • God also gave us free will and a brain, he wants us to use both wisely! Neither the church nor government will save us....too much politics in both!


    • I agree June... your words of wisdom are greatly appreciated. 

    • It is one thing to be optimistic and quite another to ignore the real threat in front of us... I am a military man and have thus always planned for the worst. Is that an optimist?  Can optimism be DANGEROUS... most certainly... it can forestall needed and timely action and has done so in America.  The optimist remains committed to ELECTIONS and much of the current leadership... as being ready to fix the problem.  Hardly realistic but hard-core optimism often ventures into fantasy.

      I believe to be optimistic now is foolish... beyond foolish, deadly.  We need action and the only way we are going to get it is to let the people know just how serious the problem is... we don't; need to be painting an optimistic view .. we need reality to shake the patriot into action.  More importantly, we need reality to move LEADERSHIP with the resources and wealth to do something to return our nation to its constitutional roots.

    • Then let me be "foolisj", in my own quiet way, while I continue to spread the words of warning and undermine those of evil intent.

    • Your the typical problem with taking back My Nation Under God. The only thing that the Develcrat Socialist Communist Liberal Party understands is pure force which will require the Republican Party to get off of their asses and remove ALL THE RINOS and Democratic agents of the Devel from our country. If it requires a Civil War,  then that is what we will have to do BEFORE China TOTALLY takes over My USA.

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