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Psychological warfare. Public opinion warfare. Legal warfare.

Known as the “three warfares” doctrine and relatively unknown in the West, these concepts serve as key strategies guiding the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in its quest to win a war against the free world without firing a single shot.

Psychological warfare seeks to demoralize the enemy; public opinion warfare seeks to shape the hearts and minds of the masses; legal warfare seeks to use systems of law to deter enemy attacks.

This explanation was set out in a recently released 650-page report that provides a comprehensive illustration of the Chinese communist regime’s global influence operations. The French-language report was published by the Institute for Strategic Studies of Military Schools (IRSEM), an independent agency affiliated with the French Ministry of Armed Forces.

Combined with another key CCP doctrine called “United Front” work, these principles have undergirded a breathtaking campaign by the Chinese regime to expand its influence and infiltration into Western democracies, the report stated.

United Front, described by the CCP’s first leader Mao Zedong as a “magic weapon,” is a policy that, according to the report, involves the regime “eliminating its internal and external enemies, controlling groups that may challenge its authority, building a coalition around the Party to serve its interests, and projecting its influence abroad.”

The report comes amid rising pushback from the West against CCP aggressions, including its severe human rights abuses, rampant theft of intellectual property, economic coercion, and military assertiveness.

Sweeping Effort

Guided by such strategies, the Chinese regime has built a sprawling infrastructure with global reach consisting of a broad network of state and non-state actors to execute its plans.

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    • These conclusions of yours are simply inescapable, COL.  I remind you, the questions you answer were not posed by me, but by Sydney Powell.  That was her newsletter (in part) that I edited slightly, but only for brevity so as to spread and broadcast it on more forums such as this one.  I heartly endorse all of it, to include your remarks.  I just wouldn't want to unfairly claim any credit.  

  • Thi United Front concept has the self-appointed Internet social media censors deeply embedded in it.

    So not simply 1st Amendment violators, but seditionist traitors too.

    Guantanamo yo!

    • Now that's on target.  Now remember too, interlocking and overlapping field of influence and power.  The media, the internet are simply non governmental means of controling the population, shaping, influencing and forming public opinion. 

    • I remember in the early 90s when I first began to use a computer. It was different, sometimes challenging, it was interesting and intriguing, a new way to look at everything. It has evolved rapidly, life itself felt faster, everything moved faster, our ads on TV and the radio began to shift, and before we knew it, it took on a life of its own, became the norm, everyday, the phones as they evolved people couldn't put them down, and before we realized the world was hooked!

      We have an entire generation who never lived before all this technology, what the world was like before FB. Oh, yes.......FB! I consider it the great evil because it sucked everyone in, and began to brainwash the WORLD! They made business and private life depend on them, they made people think they were important in a world that doesn't give a damn about anything but profit, and as they felt liberated by being able to say anything, behaving badly, disrespect grew to such a degree that it is entirely out of control on all levels. 

      I'm not against all of it, I like the speed of email, it ended the having to buy airmail paper, hand letter writing, waiting at least a week before it would reach the other end, then another before you could anticipate a response. Letters were the only way to keep in touch. Sort of like landline phones were before cell phones, if they missed you they just had to call back, the world didn't end because we didn't have instantaneous contact.
      I also love texting! A quick message to the kids, a friend, it's a convenient way without having to be on the phone and constantly remind the other side they need to speak into the phone if they want you to hear them. Trying to keep the focus of grandkids on the phone is a special challenge....without anything visual they can hardly keep paying attention longer than 30 seconds. With texting you eliminate the frustration, you send a short message and get a short message back almost immediately. It's also so much easier to send appointment reminders to patients by text, cuts out the possibility of spending 10-15 minutes each answering questions they can ask during the appointment, better than leaving a phone message they might not get until much later in case they need to change the appointment. That ping dings in....... and EVERYONE checks texts!
      Self checkouts at the stores! WOW, they charge me more and I get to do the work they used to have to pay someone to do for them! That's a whole different thing! Some stores don't even offer a choice in this....that's all there is!

      The point is, there are conveniences, positives to technology, a push of a button brings information, answers about anyting and everything. Is there anything we can't buy by clicking a few times? BUT, it gave THEM, the guy behind the curtain the ability to control the information, so they can push their ideas on the entire world, brainwash the entire world to their liking. FB plays a huge part in this, so does YouTube, etc, and all of it is so convenient, so addictive that we ignore how unhealthy and destructive it is to humanity!

      Convenience is what they offer, and it all comes at a huge price, they gain control over everything, especially over our children while we lose control, we are looked at as fossils in history, a thing of the past when real things mattered, when we thought, we talked, we listened, we imagined, we created. Today it  is all about instant gratification and all about me, look at me, hear me, my feelings, my wants, I'm the most important thing to, me, me, me, me, and especially FB helps them as the center of attention.......while they gather your information, have the power to destroy you, your business......and we give them the power to do so.

    • Not to mention how many sites want a log-in, why would that be?  One more way to track us and also make it easier on them to do that. 

  • I used to give guided tours of all our City TV production and school TV education center in 1989-1992, to Chinese school teachers?  SPIES!

  • This paper suggests that the West, including the USA Military, are not aware of these critical elements of Asymmetrical Warfare... waging war without conventional or nuclear means...  I assure you that the US Military and our INTEL SERVICES are aware of these tactics and strategies used by the CCP.  The Problem isn't awareness it is capitulation and treason at work, the product of various moral and immoral lifestyles and choices being made by key members of government and society.  

    There is no doubt that our institutions of government and society have been thoroughly compromised and infiltrated.  What should happen is a major purge of the leadership responsible for allowing this to occur... a major draining and BACKFILL of the swamp ... it will take more than draining it, we must fill it with moral and LOYAL individuals.  The damage done to society and our institutions of government is seen everywhere one cares to look and if left in place any longer will become permanent.

    • My disappointment with Trump was based on my belief that he understood such things as this when he first entered office.  At the very least, I imagined, if he weren't quite so radical as to entertain such reports as these, he would soon enough become suspicious and then figure it out.  The Col. is correct.  Our intell agencies and military leaders have known this information for decades.  Their failure to demand that something be done speaks to the level of corruption and conspiracy within the system.  I believed Trump also knew because this has been public information for quite some time.  Those of us who wanted to know knew.

      It no longer matters.  Trump's failure to address this systematic undermining of our republic predetermined all his outcomes.  We can know the past, if we work hard to understand.  The future can only ever be foretold with uncertainty and temerity.

    • The future is not bright... if one is a Christian they KNOW what is in store for the world... Great Tribulation such as never before shall descend upon mankind... so great will the calamity be, that men will hide under the rocks of the earth to escape the scourge of the ungodly cabal, now consolidating its power and hold on the world.

      The Betrayal of America was foretold thousands of years ago and the clock is winding down on her presence on the Earth... no greater social order has even existed and her righteousness blesses many nations, tongues, and peoples in the world.  However, sin and man's penchant for power has brought Lady Liberty to her knees, and soon she will stand no more in the harbors of our minds, to welcome a world in retreat as man continues to look for grace and liberty in the house of man...

      For soon judgment will fall upon Lady Liberty whose open arms welcomed all the oppressed of the world with the Love of Christ ...A love that has long suffered indignation, that others may find their way in a world of sorrows and tribulation.  The world shall wonder at her ruin... in a moment sudden destruction shall bring down her high places and the merchants of the world will lament her destruction.  It is all recorded in God's Word for those interested in knowing what is about to unfold in the world.

  • I wish this was all a joke.... it we are living this nightmare!

This reply was deleted.