Monday Memes: Pandemic! Got That Pandemic Righ'Chere! ⋆ Film Goblin

You know we’re done with celebrity when even Jennifer Aniston suffers backlash. 

Her offense? Posting a photo of her newest Christmas ornament, memorializing “Our first pandemic 2020.” 

And off she went, trending on Twitter for being — like so many of her cohort this year — tone-deaf, insensitive and out of touch. 

“Why do celebrities not use logic?” went one typical anti-Aniston tweet. “Why?” 

Among the many disruptions brought by COVID, our relationship to fame, Hollywood and celebrities has also shifted. As it turns out, they need us more than we ever needed them. 

As the world went into lockdown, movie theaters and music venues closed and blockbuster releases were put on pause. While the rest of us worried about our next paycheck or the nationwide toilet paper shortage or whether a trip to the grocery store would kill us, we saw what happens when celebrities don’t get their daily dopamine attention-hit. 

First came the super-ill-advised and unasked-for “Imagine” video, spearheaded by Gal Gadot (whose much-anticipated “Wonder Woman 1984” did, in a movie star’s worst 2020 nightmare, go straight to streaming). Along with Gadot were Kristen Wiig, Jimmy Fallon, Natalie Portman, Sarah Silverman, Will Ferrell and far too many other stars singing from their beautifully appointed homes, basking fireside or strolling through expansive, verdant backyards. 

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  • In the words of great American actor and Patriot John Wayne; America, love it or leave it! That goes for these good for nothing Hollywood leftist liberal commie democrats!

  • The communist party has taken control of the Screen Actors Guild. Reagan and John Wayne prevented them back in the day and all the communists did was knowing they were getting very old and wouldn't be around forever, so they just waited till all the America loving actors were gone and then took control. Then started replacing the old actors with radical America hating actors making millions and heavily donating to liberal causes and making films that always portrayed America in a bad light. BOYCOTT HOLLYWOOD !!!

  • I remember a time when celebrities were patriots and actually loved our country.

    • We still have a celebrity in Trump who is a patriot and actually loves our country.

  • i don't listen to these shallow minded  double standard buffoons . they oppose border walls and yet live in a house behind massive walls. they support gun control and yet have aRMED security. celebrities who say that they are leaving the usa never do. 

  • Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater! Trump himself is a celebrity who rightfully has a star on Hollywood Boulevard. He has had amazingly successful careers in the New York City building and real estate business as well as in Hollywood. In my book, Trump taught me in 2020 that some (unfortunately very few) celebrities like he himself are not meaningless at all. He is undoubtedly the man of the hour.

    • I don't see Trump as a "celebrity" but as a patriot giving of himself to help We the People and to save us from tyranny!!!!!

    • Being a celebrity doesn't mean Trump cannot be "a patriot giving of himself to help We the People and to save us from tyranny", does it? - One thing is for sure. Very few celbrities have a star on Hollywood Boulevard and Trump is one of them because of his amazing success in multiple fields including in Hollywood. I don't want to take that from him just because the star makes him into one of the most accomplished celebrities.

  • "celebrities" have NEVER mattered to me.  I don't need some ultra wealthy, ultra narcissist telling me anything, never have and never will

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