2 things I would like to hear more:
Even though the manufacturers of Vs cannot be sued, employers and schools who push it can be sued and held financially responsible for injuries and death related to forced V. This info is our best defense.
the science of masks pro and con. I don't believe they actually prevent getting C but do promote other illness both due to reduced O2 and increased CO2 and holding other bacteria to be breathed in all day long.

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  • I believe that masking can help decrease the number of people who catch the Common Cold in winter, and maybe even the Flu during IT'S normal season, but it is no guarantee and can actually CAUSE more illnesses than it can prevent.  No matter WHAT, mask wearing should be a personal CHOICE, not a mandate!  THAT, is Communism.

  • If "Vampire, bloody ducking attorneys" are allowed to pursue suit in Court the Manufacturer of a "Firearm" just because it happened to be the choice of "Two Insane Students" in the killing of "Innocent Students" at a High School, when the "Choice of Weapons of Limitless for their Purpose", for periods of time extended to the " Point of Settlement ", then this " Option" Must be Open and Available against the Manufacturers of All Vaccines inspire of any "Misuse by Anyone" between the Plant and Recipient! This is called "Parity" for the benefit of the Great Progressive Socialist Unwashed!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Suing who pushes mandates sounds great to me

  • In Japan, Lung disease, Pneumonia,Asthma, "Mask mouth"oral cancers, Bronchial related deaths are up 400%
    When oh when will the sheeple wake up and realize that they compromise our brilliant God Given Immune Systems!?!? We need to breathe in fresh oxygen. We exhale carbon dioxide which is harmful to our brain & lungs when breathing this in.
    painful side effects from ALL the fake covid vaccines! Hideous way to
    die! Let us never EVER forget that this Gates/Fauchi/WHO Wuhan lab
    orchestrated flu was created for the lethal depop injection roll out
    as a vaccine. NOT the other way around. No wonder why the word
    "pharmaceutical" means "witchcraft" "poison" "sorcery" "occultism"
    "black magic" etc.. Big Pharma$$$ EVIL on steroids. Wake Up SHEEEPLE!

  • Perform this measurement test yourself. Measure a Line 3" long on paper an mark it. Right below it draw a Line 5" long. These represent the average size of the holes in both paper and cloth.Face Masks at .03-.05 microns. Next measure and mark above the 3" line, another line 3/8" long and another beside it 1/2" long. These represent the width of All Viruses at .003-.005 microns. Now One can visually observe the impossibility of any Face Mask preventing a Virus from entering either One's nose or mouth! Never mind that the Mask must be "Sealed on One's face, and " Cannot" be worn with "Facial Hair!"  Ever been "Snipe Hunting?"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Yes, I went Snipe hunting once. I used a fishing pole and a Dill Pickle for bait. I reeled in the biggest Snipe my Uncle had EVER seen ! ! ! !


  • If the Vaccine is supposed to be so effective (>95%), why would they mandate that vaccinated wear a health hazard mask?  Even the CDC doesn't have its lies coordinated well enough to avoid the appearance of 'flip-flopping' ...

  • Agree with legal action against those that force mask Mandates.  There are already enough adverse events to start pushing this now.  Those are the rats we are after.

  • Masks don't Reduce O2 much but the bacterial and viral contamination are real and negate any upside benefit from masking.

    • My wife is an asthmatic.  She was checking her blood O2 level and it was at 96%.  She put on a mask and in 3 minutes her O2 level was at 89%.  In 5 minutes it was at 85%.  Those low levels of O2 are dangerous to anyone, even more so to someone with reduced lung capacity.

      Even if you have good lungs a loss of O2 can cause a whole host of problems.  I see people driving cars with a mask on, scares the hell out of me because even a minor drop in O2 can cause confusion and slow reaction times. 



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