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    • Consider this... new employees are often paid much less than established, long-term employees... Consider the huge number of employees who are abandoning company RETIREMENT and the massive savings companies accrue thru the removal of older, long-term employees who QUIT... are not fired or released thru downsizing.

      Beats the Feudal lord's system of eliminating eaters and their paternal duty to their subjects... Start a war or starve them out... today, they throw them off the land (evict them), fire them, or both.  Sounds like a feudal system to me.

    • Not to mention the very nice savings to the ever-broke Social Security and Medicare. Nice coincidence huh?  The young old (50-60) are dropping like flies. 

  • I see many people expressing their wish that these turncoats be “voted” out of office.

    I wonder what effect ‘Dominion’ will have on the results of America’s elections.

    How many times do we have to see rigged elections before the light comes on?

  • I can only speak for my state but the traitor Shelby, won't see many votes this year.  Certainly not mine.

  • The mark of a man is often expressed in the company he keeps... and the measure of culture in the fruit of its men.  Whether it be of good company or the issue of corrupt men... A nation, can not bear testimony of both righteousness and corruption.

    Our heritage once grew from the moral root planted by our forefathers, a testimony unto their righteousness... But, our enemies have long plowed in our fields, sowing the seeds of destruction... Until the wicked outnumber the righteous; choking out the seed of righteousness... Leaving the root barren and without fruit.

    Permitting, evil to stand in the midst of our Nation... allowing the wicked to sow their seeds of corruption in our midst... has brought calamity to the harvest and soon desolation shall occupy what was once abundance. 

    Let us return to the land of our forefathers and once more plow deep the soil of righteousness... to plant the seed of renewal that we may once again bear the fruit of a righteous people. 

  • Impeach them all.

  • Hope they are voted out next election

  • Anyone know the date and name/number of this bill they voted on?

  • Whatever are these people thinking?  Maybe they are not.  Some of the names don't surprise me; others do.  Mandates are always wrong in my opinion.

  • I just printed out this list.    I NEVER expected this from Marco Rubio, FL - my home state.  He's burnt toast.

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