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  • They are two sides of the same coin. In full agreement.

  • Trump should be leading the charge to PRIMARY all RINO's ... where is he on the issue of getting rid of RINO's... I don't see him organizing any large-scale efforts to identify and inform the public of their betrayal...

  • Employers providing Employees with good pay, benefits, vacations, and retirement programs as incentives to keep good, efficient and productive staff, while maintaining a "Fair Profit Margin, covering all overhead expenses, and setting aside reasonable amounts for expansion, replacement, and recession is the basis of Capitalism. As are maintaining benefit, vacation, retirement agreements with existing staff during Recessions/Depressions, while reducing same for New Hires. Requiring Employers to provide Mandatory Wages, Benefit Packages is " Socialism. " These are the only two realistic points of view in the Private Sector Employment. All the rest is judgmental b.s.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • My depth of understanding comes as a result of a full exposure to business and politics, the dark and the light areas. The same experiences with human natures, in life and death, needs and wants, responsibilities and acceptance. While others comfortably assume to debate who is best to fetch the "Water Buckets" as the fire consumes the School House, while remaining unwilling to get off their butts and join the Brigade. These types know nothing of gratitude or allegiance, only self centeredness and selfishness. If hungry the food for the babies disappears. If lacking A ride, cripples walk. Their attitudes are the "Enemies among us." The more angry they become, the more rant and rave, the closer to the "Truth of their Being" is exposed.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Employers should not be required to furnish anything to employees other than the compensation promised for their labor (wages and benefits)... When an employe's wage and benefits are negotiated, various funds are frequently established to ensure the employer can meet the agreed compensation package.   However, when an employer files bankruptcy or fires an employee, the greater part if not all of those reserved funds, (in defined benefit plans) revert to the employer or others, as a windfall. That is not just unfair, it is immoral and often one of the tools used in a feudal system to keep the surfs under the thumb of the employer and government.  

      The truth is that greed has no friends and is never... NEVER satisfied.  There is no such thing as a reasonable profit for the greedy or in the tenants of modern capitalism, all profit is reasonable. One is free to take as much as they can from the marketplace today, there are no moral limits on profit. However, in a moral capitalist exchange, everyone wins... The employer gets a fair day's labor and profit, the employee is compensated as promised for his labor, and the consumer receives fair value for his expenditure.  I would add that your personal exposure to " business and politics" is not unique.

      You have no idea who is manning the fire hoses or fetching the buckets to put out the fire. What is evident from your posts is that you have a jaded view of loyalty, service, and gratitude.  I grant you that some here are being exposed for their ignorance and narrow-minded views, and the angrier they become, the more they rant and rave.

      Many of those here have shed blood in service to the nation... others have given liberally to their communities and various charitable institutions..some have done both... and unlike those whose, bankrupt businesses left their creditors and employees holding the raw end of a bad deal... they have not profited at the expense of others

  • How many remember the results of Obama's "Cash for Clunkers" Program? From that time on ordinary people were disallowed the opportunity to purchase "Basic Transportation" capable of repair and maintenance in One's own driveway with simple tools and an easy to understand "Repair Manual." Another manipulation of Wiiling, Immediate Gratification Sheep!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Ron, your words appear as spoken from one from complete absence of Capitalism especially the burdens of management where the Businesses' Survival for the majority of its employees depends on the reductions of staff, pay and benefits. When One personally owns a Company forced into this position and has leveraged all personal assets to assure the Company's Continued Operation for the benefit of the Employees and their families and surrounding Community, then allow them qualified to Judge! 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Once more misrepresenting my comments... firing otherwise productive employees because they refuse COVID 19 vaccinations is wrong... period.  Firing long-term employees, whose pay scale and benefits are significantly greater than a new hier is woefully immoral .. and may well be part of the reason such terminations are being made... Terminations for failing to be vaccinated certainly are not mandated by LAW.  The windfall profits from the betrayal of employees whose work is otherwise satisfactory can only be seen as disgusting opportunistic greed. 

      I would add that taking the advice of one who has been bankrupt ... three times or was it twice... on business management is ignorant at best and insanity at its apex.

  • Lopez, "Old Chum" refers to "Old Bait!" You fall for it each and every time.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Ilona, Some dogs chase their own tails too! It serves no actual purpose other than being entertaining to watch. Nobody takes the dog seriously.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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