If Illegal Aliens Are Voting Isn't That Foreign Interference Irn Our  Elections? | Meme on ME.ME

Nineteen foreign nationals face federal charges in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina for illegally voting in the 2016 federal elections, according to federal charges publicly announced on Wednesday. These charges are the latest indictments to result from an ongoing years-long federal criminal investigation being conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Raleigh office.

A federal grand jury in Wilmington charged seven foreign nationals on August 31 on federal felony charges including falsely claiming U.S. citizenship or making false statements on voter registration application, and with misdemeanor charges of unlawfully casting ballots in the 2016 presidential election. Non-citizens are not eligible to register to vote or to vote in federal elections under U.S. law.

  • Francisco Antonio-Aguirre, age 64, Guatemala
  • Roob Kaur Atar-Singh, age 57, Malaysia
  • Rosalva Negrete-Toledo, aka Rosalva Cortes, age 65, Mexico
  • Dave Delano Virgil, age 57, Tobago
  • Eloy Alberto Zayas-Berrier, age 70, Cuba
  • Emmanuel Olakunle Atoyebi, age 31, Nigeria
  • Mokhtar Qaid Ahmed Gulaimid, age 48, Yemen

If convicted, these individuals face maximum penalties of six years in federal prison, a $350,000 fine, and a term of supervised release.

An additional 12 foreign nationals were charged in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina on August 13 with misdemeanor charges for unlawfully casting ballots in the 2016 presidential election.

  • Ismay Prudence Kathleen James, age 54, Bermuda
  • Donald Christian Martyn, age 44, Sierra Leone
  • Chaim Pinto, age 68, Israel
  • John Andrew Rapsky, age 54, Canada
  • Baijoo Pottakulath Thomas, age 58, India
  • Shuqin Yin, age 54, China
  • Chirong Yin Billings, aka Chirong Cummings, age 56, China
  • Henry Alberto Araya-Vega, age 52, Costa Rica
  • Rufina Concho-Locklear, age 82, Mexico
  • Alberto Damaize-Job, aka Alberto Damaize, age 73, Nicaragua
  • Armando Nava-Juarez, aka Armando Nava, age 51, Mexico
  • Manuel Efrain Valladares, age 48, El Salvador

If convicted, these individuals face a maximum term of one-year imprisonment, a fine not to exceed $100,000, or both.

The charges and allegations contained in the indictments are merely accusations. All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

The case is being prosecuted federally by the office of United States Attorney Matthew G.T. Martin for the Middle District of North Carolina.

These most-recent indictments stem from an ongoing HSI investigation that previously resulted in separate indictments in the Eastern District of North Carolina in August 2018.

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    • William—If you want someone to read this, do not use all-caps. It is impossible to read.  I reformated this so people can read it because I wanted to read it. Anna Von Reitz writes about this. I know a person or two who know about this. I know about the paraphrased "I made a Mistake" that gets a person out of paying taxes to the IRS for the rest of their lives by revoking my original 1099.  I am too chicken to do it. I hope I did not make too many mistakes in transcribing this. 

      Anyway, here is your post so people can read it. -----------

      Why do otherwise seemingly intelligent people choose to vote to be ruled by a privately owned foreign corporation aka, "THE UNITED SNAKES GOVT.?" Man's privileges over God given rights???
      The United States is a "privately owned foreign corporation for profit" as established in law by the Legislative Act of Feb. 21, 1871; 41st Congress, Session 3, Chapter 62, page 419 and chartered "United States ie United States aka U.S. and incorporated a commercial agency, originally designated as Washington D.C. in accordance with the 14th Amendment, which the records indicate was never ratified. 
      The United States government is a foreign government with respect to the State 19 Corpus Juris Secondom 541 location of the United States. 
      The United States is located in the district of Columbia. The Secretary of the Treasury was appointed the receiver of the bankrupt United States in the re-organization Plan Number 26 in 1950, Title 5, United States Code Section 903, Public Law 94-564,  The Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, Title 27 Federal Code Section 903 Public Law 94-564.
      The Internal Revenue Service was incorporated in Delaware and is not a part of the supposed U.S. Govt., which is a de-facto, for profit corporation, masquerading as a government. The Internal Revenue Service is not registered to do business in any state! 
      Local governments are corporations and private companies. The IRS is the bookkeeping and debt-collection arm of the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico that collects for the International Monetary Fund. Every one in the administration and the Congress and the Legislation, all the way down to our local governments, are private corporations for profit established in 1871, when the United States became incorporated. 
      They attached our birth certificates to a QUSIP number on the stock exchange, which means they have made slaves out of us and this is done every time a baby is born and issued a birth certificate. There is a bond trust account set up (this is why all birth certificates are on bank bond paper) and they trade us on the stock market, which equals slave trade. In 1871, they unknowingly to the people, re-wrote the Constitution. 
      In 1933, they implemented the Emergency Banking Act, making it illegal to own gold and silver bullion. They have also implemented the War Powers Act and the Trading with the Enemy Act (we are the enemies). There are more than 37,000 subsidiaries of the U.S. Government Corporation as privately owned foreign corporations. 
      All the alphabet gangs, the FBI, the CIA, the BATF, the EPA, the SCOTUS, etc., ...... are all privately owned foreign corporations, for profit owned by the Crown Bank of England, aka, the Rothschilds. There are all documented facts in U.S. Law (statutes) and Supreme Court rulings!!!  
      I don't expect you to fully understand all this. However, I would hope that this disturbs you enough to research the facts I have presented so you will see for yourself, that I am telling the absolute truth. Also, maybe then you can understand why I say this country is full of cowards, murderers and satanists. 

      Anna von Reitz
  • Where's the deportation after serving their time?

  • You mean that, after FOUR YEARS of investigation, they could get a ONE YEAR sentence? They should be summarily DEPORTED and marked with a tattoo on their forehead so if they ever decide to try re-entering this country they are recognized as ILLEGALS! WHY are we just ignoring these criminals and allowing them to run free in our country for FOUR LONG YEARS? Something really stinks, here!

    • You misspelled Deported, is should read SHOT...

    • That's exactly my point. Voter fraud is obvious and easy to show. What takes four years to bring this to justice? Who is (deliberately?) delaying it? Unless they are timing it with today's discussion about mail in voting to prove that voter fraud is indeed very, very wide spread. In that case I suspect more cases will be brought forward in the next couple of months. Stay tuned. 

    • Tattoo ... nice idea.


    • You are right! They should be put on a plane back to their country of origin with a one-way and blacklisted from ever coming into this country ever again‼️ 

    • You are very creative!  I like the way you think.



    • You might want to get your "smeller" checked, as this has been going on for decades and Trump is the first president in my lifetime to firmly take a stand on illegal immigration. The foul odor of  illegal immigration, drug smuggling and human trafficking has been wafting across our great country from the sanctuary cities and states for way too long, and if Biden-Harris are elected we can expect a flood of illegal immigrants across all of our borders in very short order. Check out the "Cloward and Pivens" strategy if you want to know the real agenda.

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