rioters in portland

Rioters next to a fire they set at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse in Portland, Ore., on July 22, 2020. (Noah Berger/AP Photo)

Eighteen people are facing charges for participating in rioting in Portland at a U.S. Courthouse.

The defendants were arrested between July 20 and July 23.

Large crowds have been gathering nightly and assaulting the courthouse and federal officers who are tasked with protecting it while local police officers stay away because of recent directives from city leaders.

U.S. Attorney Billy Williams announced on Friday the charges against the 18.

Five people were charged for alleged criminal conduct during rioting on July 20 that continued into the early hours of the next day.

Jennifer Kristiansen, 37, is charged with assaulting a federal officer; Zachary Duffly, 45, is charged with creating a disturbance; Wyatt Ash-Milby, 18, is charged with trespassing on federal property; and Caleb Ehlers, 23, and Paul Furst, 22, are charged with failing to comply with a lawful order.

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  • Colonel - Do you think President Trump has the where with all to try and pull this martial law move off? It seems like a lot of hard work to me and I don't know if any of us would have and take the time to accomplish martial law. It would be very satisfying to watch nancy, chucky, steny, lenny, msnbc talkers, cnn swamp rats and all the reporters that have all committed treason get walked off to Gitmo.They could do a pay per view and I would pay to watch that

    • Yes, I do...The President doesn't need to do it on his own he has staff and can call on men like Sheriff David Clarke, Joe Arpaio, and others to assist him in organizing a task force for planning and executing a Martial Law Operation large enough to round up key members of the swamp and deep state who have clearly violated the law.

    • Plus all of us real Americans to help him wherever we can. Thanks for the link to the President. I contacted him regarding Martial Law and offered your services; just

    • Go ahead and send my posts to him... maybe they'll get through the bureaucratic log jam... who knows? IT can't hurt ... just be sure to send the complete text with a byline.  It may take more than one post... due to their length.

    • I am not skilled in computers enough to send your posts on to the President. I am an early Vietnam Vet. so that makes me old. I can still fire Excellent Marksman with my M,-1,  as long as I don't have to run/walk very far. 

    • No problem Rocky... I am also an early Viet Nam Vet... tours in 1967-68 and 70-71... I am also old but still active and healthy other than afib.

  • The ideal situation would be for President Trump to arrest these mayors for not controlling their cities are putting in replacement mayors. 

  • Rocky, I agree with you

  •  Why are all of us, who would do justice to these 18 traitors, "out here" and everyone who works for the legal system either have no balls or are pussies? I would have no trouble being on a jury to sentencing them to prison or a firing squad. Democrats kill babies and let murderers and rapists rot on death row for 30 years. I think they have it backwards. Wake up America! These people are trying to destroy our country!! We better start taking appropriate action and soon! This is the greatest country on earth!

    • There is only one way to fix this. Trump needs to take control of the judiciary and he needs to assume total authority over the country to make it great again. Otherwise these thugs keep getting away with it and nothing will ever change. Trump is the only honest leader who cares about America and Americans. 

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