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  • The only benefactor of Our Laws consistently is the LEGAL PROFESSION.   WIN, LOSE OR DRAW.   They could care less.   They just bag the bucks and on to the next gullible slob.

    Full disclosre for which I will undoubtedly be criticied  is that for 4 years prior to moving to acquisition, I was the paralegal assist to the CHIEF, ADVERSARY PROCEEDINGS, AT ARRADCOM, Picatinny Arsenal.   To a fantastic boss.   Trust all is well with you and yours Bob.   Likely you are longtime retired and likely in your 80s by now.

    The decks are stacked heavily against the victims.   To even think of p3essing a suit, one must have deep deep pockets.   And, if the federal government is the perceived, even blatantly obvius, ONE MUST SEEK AND RECEIVE PERMISSION TO PRESS THE SUIT.

    I will not give advice because it is a crime to PRACTICE LAW WITHOUT A LICENSE.   It is a very respectable adversary.

    I will say that whenever possible, a CLASS ACTION, COULD SAVE YOUR ASSets.


  • Challenge Biden in court but more importantly ... outlaw his Executive and Administrative overreach thru STATE NULLIFICATION LAW.  Pass legislation outlawing his Mandates and Executive Orders ... stop them cold... Don't wait on the Courts, they may take months or years to act, and there is no guarantee they will find for the rights of our citizens...

    Stop fawning over the disingenuous weak-kneed act of these RINO's... they know that it will take months if not years to get the courts to act and they also know it only takes a few short weeks to clear a bill in a GOP controlled State Legislature to outlaw these Federal Mandates ... making it a crime... a criminal act to enforce them.  I am sick of the phony crap being offered in defense of our liberties by the RINOs in office today.

  • You fake 'president' have no right to yell at me.  Just who do you think you are?

    • I guess Joe has had another 'senior moment', and has confused who exactly works for who.

    • LOL

    • Absolutely 

  • All 50 states governors should stand against the president this is unconstitutional 

    • AMEN  AMEN  

    • Amen!

  • I can tell Joes effect is over the top.

    Only a 3/4 moon and everyone is acting like it is full!

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