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  • Arresting a school student for not wearing a face mask determined and banned by the Nation's Leading Safety Authority, OSHA, as protection against Virus, is actually no different that being "Arrested for Not Wearing The School Colors!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Whay coordinates with Red Patent Heels? A "Hang man's noose.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


      ROTC Cadets Wearing Heels for Sexual Assault Awareness Spurs Review...
















      Do bear in mind I am still livid, and break your ostracism in order to aquaint you with this.

      ROTC Cadets Wearing Heels for Sexual Assault Awareness Spurs Review
      The Army's ROTC command is investigating cadet participation in a sexual assault awareness campaign that saw them wearing high heels with their unifo…
  • The cost to purchase our Constitution and Our Military Constitution is minimal. Words and phrases in need of "Legal Opinions" are available both written and via computer. There are no excuses for anyone willing to expend the same effort in understanding these Documents as Watching a Sports Game! Everyone can now cease blaming our Education Systems and begin demonstrating "Self Education" at home, where many of our learned Founding Fathers received their understandings. Many among us can shout "This is wrong!" Few can say why. Fascinate yourself and discover.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • OSHA requires "All Face Masks be Fit Tested with Documentation." OSHA does not permit Face Masks to be used as protection against "Virus." OSHA requirements only address " Employee Safety!" Under what possible guise can any "Legal Authority" impose a requirement to wear a Personal Protective Equipment that the Nation's Leading Authority says "Must be individually Fit Tested with Documentation, and Not intended nor Protection against Virus." That is as nonsensical as arrested for "Cashing a Check", simply because One walked into a Bank "Backwards!" Where is the "Threat, Hazard, Violation?"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Years ago I had to go throught an OHSA/HOSPITAL SAFETY BOARD'S in The State of Florida, (I am a Retired FL General Contractor 1974-2005) Just to be able to do abatement work in Health Facilities-(all molds,asbestos and much more) what I am trying to get to is that These Face Masks used today for this Covid and and a Moist Virus, WILL NOT PREVENT ANYTHING, They Claim You Must WEAR TODAY- but you can wear mowing your yard, it keeps the dust down and THAT'S IT-or if you sneeze or cough it will keep it in your mask-!!! The MARXIST are Looking/Finding OUT WHO WILL BOW DOWN TO THEIR DEMANDS-!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA-!!!


  • The entire administration of this school needs to be fired... how they put the entire building in lockdown instantly is amazing... the idea that the local police enforced this draconian violation of this student's civil rights is amazing and inexcusable.  Their legal authority needs to be fired.  Ask to see the statute I doubt there is one. 

    • Get rid of them all! That father was not strong enough.....I would want to kill for something like this. Our responsibility is to protect our children and if a school is not with us on them!

    • I agree with you, please be careful when using the word 'kill'- they will try and distroy you and put you on the list- you will not be able to buy arms and ammo-!!! BE ACTIVE IN YOUR LOCAL & STATE ELECTIONS/POLITICS-111 GOD BLESS-!!!

    • I think I'm already on the list, but thanks for the concern. 
      It's a natural cellular reaction for a parent to protect their children from harm....

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