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  • What a perfect visual to tell Americans how terrible Resident Bidon is for us. Get him outta here!!

  • I have heard that the Biden admin has prevented the cutting of trees, for the "Green New Deal"  also the Canadians have stopped shipping lumber to our country.  No matter how you slice it, "we the people" take a shellacking everytime a dem is in the whitehouse. I did see an interview with an owner of a sawmill who was complaining that the regulaters were limiting the amount he could cut, also the amount he could ship.  No matter, "we the people" are effected by all of it Big Time.  Gas. lumber, food etc etc etc.

  • There is much more to the lumber crisis than Biden...  price-fixing, greed and avarice, special interest manipulation, and overseas demand are being allowed to unduly influence and control the market.  The COVID Pandemic had a negative impact on the harvesting, milling, and shipping of lumber by creating a temporary market shortage.  Major industry leaders have unfairly capitalized on this temporary problem. This sort of artificial manipulation of the free market needs to be met with government intervention.   

    Temporary shortages and production losses should not be managed to line the pockets of a few... When price increases don't reflect an increase in the cost of production, the retail price of goods and services should be expected to remain relatively stable... It is the TEMPORARY SHORTAGES and greed that appear to be driving the current lumber market. 

    Three major federal laws comprise our antitrust law: The Sherman Antitrust Act, The Clayton Act, and The Federal Trade Commission Act. Each law builds off the others to give the federal government the authority to regulate monopolies, stop deceptive practices, and dissolve companies that amassed too much power.  These acts cover price-fixing, gouging, and other anti-trust and monopolistic practices. 

    Once again, temporary labor and market shortages should not result in driving market prices through the roof... literally.  There are reasonable legal limits on such market manipulation... When the market is not functioning as a free market but is being managed for profit, without justification, it is time for the government to intervene... by restoring FREE market values in the pricing of goods and services.

  • Edie, I doubt things will be any different with the cackler and pelosi because I have thought it has been pelosi all along. The cackler is just another mindless puppet. It’s the obama-pelosi ticket/regime until either something drastic happens or they accomplish their full agenda. I expect the first.

  • Dems "in service to their country " get filthy rich while everyone else gets poorer. When will people learn-vote democrat & work for free for the government. Vote conservative & work for yourself & your family's enriched present & future. Which one of these makes a better country & world?  Duh 🙄 


  • This is just the beginning!  Biden is the worst selection the Democrat Party could have made - although if you were looking for someone you can use to finish off the transformation of America (remember  Obummer?) then he would be perfect.  Just wait for the cackler - she is one piece of work - how will she handle being the President with Pelosi by her side?  I dread each day to see what else is going to go wrong!

  • Same pictures for gas and groceries.

    Same pictures for rentals.   Lop off a room or 2 under biteme.

  • Hold on to your hats - there is far more to come under Biden.  And not just in lumber prices.  Although to be fair, I did hear that lumber prices did come down a bit last week.  I can't say the same about gas prices or food.

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