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  • China developed this virus with the help of Fauchi, then released it in October of 2019 during an international military meeting in Wuhan, making sure the virus makes it back to all the militaries of the world.
    Do not assume China only wants to rule the world, that was the Soviet idea…rule and control, China wants to OWN the world! They’ll do anything, whatever it takes, doesn’t matter what it cost, how many die……they want to be IT!
  • Isn't there a better term for our economic rival in this field than "China?" I mean, without Clinton, Obama, and Biden, there is no China. Without Alphabet, Rockefeller, Rothschild, and the American Association of Manufacturers, there is no China. Yet, these are never mentioned in context.
  • I beleive The USA Democratic Party is involved in this and must Pay!
  • China needs to be stopped.
  • no, fear and ignorance captured the imagination and economic stunting
  • I firmly believe that CHINA, was tired of our WINNING! Of course we know the dems are!
  • I believe that China created this and yes possibly to stop our growth. They want to takeover the world what is a few hundred thousand deaths to them, not much.
  • What a better weapon to stop a nation and a President which has the ability to takeaway business from the biggest bastard economy. The Chinese Enterprise System is not the Free Enterprise System.
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