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  • Isn't there a better term for our economic rival in this field than "China?" I mean, without Clinton, Obama, and Biden, there is no China. Without Alphabet, Rockefeller, Rothschild, and the American Association of Manufacturers, there is no China. Yet, these are never mentioned in context.
  • I beleive The USA Democratic Party is involved in this and must Pay!
  • China needs to be stopped.
  • no, fear and ignorance captured the imagination and economic stunting
  • I firmly believe that CHINA, was tired of our WINNING! Of course we know the dems are!
  • I believe that China created this and yes possibly to stop our growth. They want to takeover the world what is a few hundred thousand deaths to them, not much.
  • What a better weapon to stop a nation and a President which has the ability to takeaway business from the biggest bastard economy. The Chinese Enterprise System is not the Free Enterprise System.
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