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  • The left is capable of such collusion... whether it happened or not the left certainly is capitalizing on it.
  • I do not believe the various elements of the left sat down and planned this out. I do believe that as one groups actions showed success others trumpeted their support and acted to further the effects. The entire world's leftists see this as an opportunity to take down the one nation whose constitution protects natural rights and stands as an obstacle to their fervent desires of worldwide totalitarian rule.
  • You bet your ass I do. I believe that China purposely let infected people get on flights in order to deal devastation in the USA, but why he allowed the virus to get transmitted around the world. I wouldn't put it past the Democratic Liberals to set up this Pandemic in order to destroy Pres Trump. It backfired, like everything else they concockt.
  • Read The 45 Goals Of Communism.. and when you are done , Read" Red Cocaine".. as well as "The Little Red Book" that was given out in the 60's.. it will all make sense.
  • The Left is Communist, sure they did.
  • I LOVE it!! "Kung Flu!!" I will now switch from WuFlu to Kung Flu! It's so much more aggressive! And make no mistake about it - we ARE in a war, a CIVIL war, which is SO sad! But we must not let our tears blind or weaken us! Ever vigilant, my friends!
  • It really is suspicious that the communist demoncrats failed in their attempt to take down President Trump via Russian hoax, phone call that prompted impeachment and now we have a Chinese virus. Each attempt was worse than the last. They will not succeed in their attempt to take down President Trump because God put him as president and there is a hedge of protection around him. We Spirit Filled Christians are praying for President Trump, how great is our God!!
  • Yes,I believe that this is/was a world wide push for china to take our place,and all fall under communism. I've seen first hand what the communists did to their own people to get them under their thumb.I would rather die fighting against them,again.And if it comes to that,it will be here in my own country this time. I'm more than ready to give my life for my country,and my family knows this and accepts this as my duty.The oath I swore to uphold back in 1968 hasn't expired. I honored it then,I would honor it now,knowing full well what it means.And also knowing full well,that others will do the same as I will if and when we are needed.
  • maybe
  • There is more than enough evidence to convict the congressional Democratic Socailist leaders and the Democratic Party of treason, but yet, we have an Attorney General who is sitting on his thumb.
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