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  • That thought has crossed my mind many, many times. The Fauci-Gates duo has been tight with the Wuhan death lab for a long time. Fauci even financed a lot of their work through the NIH and now NIADD. If a foreign invader had forced this on us against our will there would still be blood stains on the streets, but a virus? For sure, if the left didn't outright plan and execute this attack, they SURE were ready to take full advantage of it. And yes, they would kill us all if it put them back in power. On the bright side, they are now fully exposed for who they are and the evil they stand for.

    I definitely would NOT put it past them. Their depth of depravity has no bottom.
  • Dr. Fauci needs to be removed from office and a through Criminal Investigation conducted regarding the COVID19 Pandemic and its release upon society... there is evidence to suggest it was not accidental and that it was intended to destroy the US Economy. There is evidence of collusion between Dr. Fauci and Communist China... including transferring the research on COVID19 with a grant of 3.7 million to the Wh Haun labs in China... a Chinese military lab.
  • Re Joy Daniels Brower, the War in which we have been forced into is at its deepest level, a spiritual War between good and evil. Yes, there are temporal elements in it because there must be as we exist in the temporal realm, but it is fundamentally a spiritual War which is evidenced by the continual attacks the enemies make upon our Faith as believers in God. Particularly, attacks that have destroyed our foundation of the family as being the most important element of society, the basis for which is that our families are the design of our Creator for all mankind.
    Our enemies, led by satan himself, know that which is why they relentlessly pursue the destruction of our families and every aspect of them that is associated with God's divine plan for the family to be the central relationship that allows mankind to survive and to prosper.
  • Consider that it is known that several U.S. entities were "collaborating" with the Wuhan lab prior to the virus "escaping" the lab, which in itself is questionable. Those entities include one with whom Dr Fauci was a partner, along with a major NGO. There is also evidence that the US government collaborated with the Wuhan lab. Together, these facts, all of which are available online, prove there was indeed collusion both in researching the virus as well as with its "escape" to the world, for we know now that the narrative has been full of lies from the outset. We also know the WHO is influenced by China so if we know that, the government MUST have far more detailed information on the collaboration between the WHO and China.
    We also know that the Gates Foundation paid millions to support the patentee of a vaccine, a vaccine that cannot possibly work as no vaccine has ever worked on a Coronavirus, while some have actually killed a percentage of those who received it.
    We also know that Fauci has been a criminal for years as exposed by Dr. Judy Mikovits, whose career he destroyed because she tried to expose his criminal acts in working with and covertly inserting retroviruses into vaccines they then FORCED our children to take. Part of this was exposed in a lawsuit that in 2018, jointly convicted Big Pharma and the FDA with conspiring to lie to the American People for 30 years that they had tested those vaccines and they were found to be safe, all of which was a lie, for the attorneys for the Plaintiffs got admission from both defendant groups that they had NEVER tested a single vaccine!
    If that is not collusion, the word should be removed from the English language.
  • The left is capable of such collusion... whether it happened or not the left certainly is capitalizing on it.
  • I do not believe the various elements of the left sat down and planned this out. I do believe that as one groups actions showed success others trumpeted their support and acted to further the effects. The entire world's leftists see this as an opportunity to take down the one nation whose constitution protects natural rights and stands as an obstacle to their fervent desires of worldwide totalitarian rule.
  • You bet your ass I do. I believe that China purposely let infected people get on flights in order to deal devastation in the USA, but why he allowed the virus to get transmitted around the world. I wouldn't put it past the Democratic Liberals to set up this Pandemic in order to destroy Pres Trump. It backfired, like everything else they concockt.
  • Read The 45 Goals Of Communism.. and when you are done , Read" Red Cocaine".. as well as "The Little Red Book" that was given out in the 60's.. it will all make sense.
  • The Left is Communist, sure they did.
  • I LOVE it!! "Kung Flu!!" I will now switch from WuFlu to Kung Flu! It's so much more aggressive! And make no mistake about it - we ARE in a war, a CIVIL war, which is SO sad! But we must not let our tears blind or weaken us! Ever vigilant, my friends!
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