Why People Hate Feminism

A little bit of background before we get started: In the late 1800’s into the early 1900’s there was a movement of people, mainly in the UK and the US who wanted women’s voting rights.  This group are now referred to as “1st Wave Feminists”.  The goals of this group were accomplished as the UK allowed women to vote in 1910 and the US followed with the same decree in 1920.  In the 1950’s through the 1980’s there became a new group; “2nd wave feminists”.  This group was slightly more radical than their predecessors, their goals being to legalize abortion and to have government subsidized birth control.  This group came and went as a new group formed in the late 1990’s; 3rd wave feminism.  Unlike the first two waves who were found all around western countries, third wave feminists can be found either crying about the “misogyny” and “patriarchy” on social media or sleeping in their parents house.  On a serious note, this group has a very literal cult-like following which has gained them a very negative reputation among society as fat, bitchy, supremacists who have no chance at getting a male spouse and way too eager to claim victim status.  The funny thing is that they do not even know why them have gained this reputation.  In the following presentation I will attempt to explain to these people why they have gained this horrible reputation and why everyone's turning their backs on them.

  1. Cult-Like Attributes

Society hates cults, and feminism is no exception.  A am I republican, which is an unpopular opinion where I live.  I normally make jokes about who I will get a scholarship to West Point (a jab at Ben Carson) and how I will build a wall so h-uge it will be envied by Chi-na (a jab at Donald Trump).  However, feminists fail to make jokes about themselves or even laugh at themselves.  Political movements and parties can laugh at themselves, cults cannot.

Another way feminism is similar to a cult is how the separate you from society and then make you more radical and then adopt them as your new family.  They pull you in by claiming that they are a group from women’s rights.  Then  they have you adopt radical stances for LGBT-related issues and environmental issues.  They push you to be more and more radical until you think that it is ridiculous to shower because then you would be “giving in to the patriarchy”.  By doing this, they are isolating you from all men (49% of the American population) and most women.  You end up adopting them as your family as you become more and more of a radical.

2.) Weakening Women Under the Guise of Empowering Them

This is one that really rubs me the wrong way.  You may see the title of this and start scratching your head, but let me explain.  A more specific way of saying “empowering” would be threatening women with claims they are giving into the patriarchy.  You want to lose weight?  Stop!  You’re giving into the patriarchy and female beauty standards.  You want marry a man?  Stop!  You’re giving into the patriarchy.  You want to take a shower daily and take care of your basic hygiene?  Stop!  You’re giving into the patriarchy.  The feminists are using this line of “Don’t give in to male standards. Don’t give in to the patriarchy,“ as a way of weakening women under the subtle guise of making them feel strong.

You might say, “This is ridiculous, who would be that stupid to fall for this?  Once they realize they are a fat, smelly shell of their potential, they will blame the movement.”  But this is the worst part; the feminist movement has figured out a way to evade all blame for women’s problems caused by their movement.  How, you ask?  By blaming it on society.  “Society decides you are fat!  Society decides you are smelly!  Society decides that you are not beautiful!” they will tell you.  Let this be a message to all feminists who has such great potential but were dragged into this movement and because a short-haired, fat, smelly, society-blaming feminist.  SOCIETY DOES NOT DECIDE WHO YOU BECOME.  YOU DO!  You have the power to decide your destiny, to choose your path.  DON’T LET FEMINISM DICTATE YOUR FUTURE.  Society does not choose who is fat, who smells like a dog, and who is beautiful.  All of that are thing that you decide.  Go on a diet.  Use soap in the shower.  Put on makeup.  Society is not telling you who you are and what you can become.  Feminism is.

3.) Disdain, Contempt, and Even Hate for Men

In 2014, the shampoo company Pantene ran a commercial that involved a series of situations there was a woman and a man and the woman said “sorry” to be polite.  These include; a woman interrupting a man’s presentation, woman interrupting someone in their office, woman not allowing a man enough space for him to comfortably sit down, mother interrupts to give him the baby so she can find something to eat, women not giving man enough space to sit at a board room table, woman waking man up by taking man’s covers, and two people start talking at the same time, followed by the title card, “Don’t be Sorry”.  The commercial goes through the same scenarios except with the women acting like passive-aggressive bitches instead of politely saying sorry like a normal person.  Obviously, this not that bad, at least compared to some other examples.

The in 2015 superbowl, phone service T-Mobile ran an ad starring prominent feminist Sarah Silverman.  In this ad, Sarah Silverman hands a couple a newborn child saying, “Sorry, it’s a boy;”  a line that sums up 3rd wave feminism.  If you think that feminists would conduct an apology for this ad and make sure this kind of thing does not happen again, you have not yet figured out 3rd wave feminism.  Almost immediately, feminists denied claims that this was a sign of supremacy. They countered the claims of supremacy by claiming that women are victims of sexism every day through, “treating threats to release women’s private information as a hoax… actually releasing women’s private photos… banning bodies on social media… paying them less for the same work… (this is) institutionalized oppression and misogyny,” (Salon.com, Jenny Kunter).

Let’s start with the “ paying them less for the same work”.  The irony is, in this commercial, which is basically feminist propaganda, that Chelsea Handler, the other woman in the commercial says, “I can talk from anywhere in my mansion.”  That along with the wage gap myth, which we will talk about and debunk later.

Let’s move on to the next ones.  “Banning bodies on social media” refers to instagram’s ban on pubic hair that was retracted soon after it was enacted.  

Threatening and even releasing nudes is truly as terrible thing to do, but it doesn’t equate to the “institutionalized oppression” that Jenny Kunter is claiming to be a victim of.

We can talk about these kinds of commercials all day, but you could still claim that the hatred of men is not written down.  Point your attention to the SCUM manifesto, the Society of Cutting Up Men, a book by feminist Valerie Solanas in 1967.  The SCUM manifesto argues that men have ruined the world so women have to fix it by eliminating the male gender.  This is surprising popular amongst feminists have been the basis of a number of murders.

Then trend has seeped into twitter, in the form of #killallmen.  It’s not like someone with any real power or influence would fall to this depth.  Oh wait, Hillary “I will say whatever I must to become president” Clinton.  Hillary Clinton apparently wants to be known as a feminist.  In 1998, then First-Lady Clinton gave a speech to a conference on domestic violence in San Salvador, El Salvador, where she claimed that, “Women have always been the primary victims of war… (because) women lose their husbands, fathers, and sons in combat.”  This is an example of a feminist completely dismissing the importance of a man’s life as if he were a computer or a machine.  This is the equivalent of saying men are the primary victims of childbirth when there are complications and the mother dies.  She claims that having the sole responsibility of raising children is more catastrophic than dying.

When a blog post called, “I Aborted my Baby- Because it was a Boy”, hit the web and went viral, everyone assumed it was written by a feminist.  After all, from what we have seen and heard from feminists, why wouldn’t we think that?  Feminists continued to go on their regular path of denying the level of sexism and credibility of this blog instead of asking themselves questions like, why are people automatically assuming it was us?  Is sexism our status quo?  How can we fix our reputation or change our ways?

3.)  The Feminist(s) that cried “Patriarchy!”

There’s nothing more annoying than a ginger, overweight, smelly, feminist crying patriarchy in a shrill voice, especially when the facts don’t add up.  Feminists enjoying yelling patriarchy, misogyny, and that the world in Men Vs. Women.  You add that opinion to the fact that women make up over 50% of the population if female (quickfacts.census.gov) and you get a feminist logic moment!  If this country was Male vs. Female, like the feminists claim, then Hillary Clinton would have shot through the Democratic primary in 2008 and walked right into the White House, or a woman would have become president years before that.  This of course did not happen.

Before we move forward on this topic, we should define our term.  Patriarchy means “a form of social organization where the father is the supreme authority in the family, clan, or tribe and descendant in the male line, with the children belonging to the father’s clan or tribe.”

This patriarchy just does not exist in our country or in any western country.  If you look at the statistics way more single moms than single dads.  This means that when there is a divorce, the children generally go to the mother, contrary to “the children belonging to the father’s clan or tribe” part of the definition.

In terms of “girl power” or “woman power” there is no way we live in a patriarchy.  Women control a substantial 20% of congress and 20% of the senate.  The number of female CEO’s of fortune 500 companies has hit an all-time high.

On a monetary perspective, it is also a no-contest.  Women control 60% of all personal wealth and 51% of stocks in the US (according to Virginia Tech).  Women also manage the household finances, being the primary shopper in 75% of American families as of a 2009 study, contrary to the father being supreme.

Feminists, this is a huge reason why people cannot stand you.  You throw around phrases like patriarchy without even knowing what they mean.  Please, next time one of you want to scream, “Patriarchy!  Patriarchy!” learn the meaning of the damn word and bring some actual facts to back up your blank claim.

4.) Wage Gap Myth

How many times have you heard a feminist claim that women in this country get paid 65%, 67%, 73%, 75%, or 80% (honestly, the percentage changes every time I hear it) of a man for the same work?  This is, of course, a blatant lie.  The exact claim is that all women make 77% of a all men in the US overall, regardless of education, credentials, employer, risk, hours, or even specific job.

Well, let’s say that this was true and women were being paid an average 77% of men’s wages for the same work.  One, if I were a business owner I would never hire a men again if I knew that I could get away with paying a woman 77% for the same work.  Two, this would be illegal.  In every country in the western world there is a law banning unbalanced paid for the same work for the same hours.  In the US, it is mandated by the equal pay act, which was signed into law by John F. Kennedy in 1963.

However, it is an undeniable fact that as a whole women are getting paid an average 77% of men.  But, why?  According to the US Bureau of Labor, women are twice as likely to work part-time as men.  25% of women work part time.  Women are also 50% more likely to work in the public sector, which is typically offers lower pay to employees.  According to a recent survey, 19% of men worked 50 or more hours a week while only 7% of women did the same.  43% of women leave the workforce after having children, leaving them with no income therefore bringing down the average.

Men are also proved to more likely move into high-paying jobs.  For example, there are more males that pursue degrees in engineering and computer science than there are females.  There are more females who pursue degrees in education and social sciences than males.  The highest paying job in America today is a physician, with is dominated by men 2/1.  Only 17% of technology related jobs are females.

Now, you can’t blame it on capitalism, so I guess you are going to blame it on patriarchy.  “Oh, society is not letting women pursue their dreams.”  This brings me back to an earlier point; society does not dictate your life.  Society does not choose your major in college.  Society does not choose what colleges you choose to apply to.  Society does not decide where you look for work.  You do.  The patriarchy is not denying women the right to education so that they can keep women down.  In fact, women are 33% more likely to graduate college than men and have noticeably lower high school and college drop-out rates.

5.) Turning Human Issues into “Women’s Issues”

Here I will be specifically talking about the issues of abortion, rape, and sexual harassment.  Feminists have made a habit of blaming things on men, labeling them “women’s issues”, and disqualify you from having an opinion if you happen to have a penis.  The most prominent examples of this are abortion, rape, and sexual harassment.

Feminists like to pretend that there is an “institutionalized patriarchy” and that sexual harassment is perpetrated by men to keep women down.  This would be ignoring the facts which shows that 1 in 6 men have been or are being sexually harassed.  By claiming that this is a “women’s issue” and disqualified male opinions they are silencing 17% of men who actually have been victims of sexual harassment.

Rape is an issue that feminists have really pushed as a “woman’s issue”.  Feminists have repeatedly attempted changing the definition of rape to basically mean regretful decisions (which is a huge middle finger towards victims of violent rape, if you ask me) and have discredited their opposers by saying, “This is a women’s issue.  You are not qualified to have an opinion of women’s issues.”  Like sexual harassment, this hurts the significant number of male rape victims.

Feminists have started another lie called “rape culture”.  This claims that culture amongst the patriarchal men that encourages and rewards rape.  Obviously, this is ridiculous, especially combined with the fact that if you put the number of male rapists in the country over the number of men in the country you will get a decimal that is closer to zero than one.

Abortion is the biggest issue that feminists have shoved down people’s throats as a women’s issue.  Personally, I am pro-life, but I understand that it is a very complex issue and many of you probably have strong opinions.  However, if you think that men should not be allowed to have opinions on this issue, you are kidding yourself.  Abortion is as much as an issue for women as it is for the black community.  Abortion has been sold cheaply to blacks and has terminated over half of african american fetus's.  Many minorities have fallen victim similarly to abortion as the example of the black community.  If you think that these people should not be allowed to hold opinions on this issue, slap yourself.  Hard.  You deserve it.

6.) Male Feminists

I seriously can’t stand these people.  I really, really can’t.  As you have probably noticed already, feminists have a strong prejudice against men.  So, why do these men become feminists?  There are a multitude of rationales and reasons, but they basically boil down to three; they are more feminine than masculine so the movement appeals to them, men with guilt that they are sexist and use feminism to convince themselves that they are not sexist, and people who think they have “white guilt/male privilege” for really no good reason.

According to feminists, can men be real feminists?  On everydayfeminism.com there is an article titled, Men Should be Feminists, but Should They Call Themselves Feminists?  In this article, author Drew Bowling says, “In short, I’m skeptical of the legitimacy of men calling themselves feminists… In general, I think me could be useful to feminism… (because the are) vested in privilege… but men calling themselves feminists also makes me slightly nervous because I think a lot more accountability could be made of feminist men.”  Prominent feminist Emma Watson was bombarded by the feminist community for claiming that the “best feminists are men”.

So as you can see, feminists are not very comfortable with male feminists.  This is just one of the many backstabbing divisions of feminism, which brings me to my next point...

7.) Online Hate

It should come to no surprise to any of you that there is a multitude of stupid people on social media.  One of the many sects of these many stupid peoples are self revered revolutionaries/activists, which, based off of my experiences on social media, is made up mainly by feminists.  Feminists have used social media as a main weapon to spread their ideas.

Unfortunately, feminists have shifted over the years from using social media to spread their ideas but have gone on to do other things like; crying patriarchy.  The comes into form under the #everydaysexism project, which tries to catalog all women’s experiences with sexism with the hashtag #everydaysexism.  I’m an not saying that all of these should be treated like jokes, but every tweet about a woman getting molested when she was a kid there are ten or twenty more like this:

“#Googles algorithm shows prestigious job ads to men, but not to women #everdaysexism” - @1helenmc

“Hey buddy, I’m not an ornament.  If you don’t like how I look that’s your problem.  Grrrrrrr.  #everydaysexism” - @writeontime_

“Today’s street harasser said ‘c’mon you can at least smile’ in a growl that conveyed ‘how dare you not acknowledge me.’ #everydaysexism” @skinny

You can see where I am coming from.  These are the greatest examples I have ever seen of first world problems.  There are other movements too that try and bully men as a whole.  #whowillyouhelp is a hashtag campaign that was hijacked by feminism to paint men of all professions, races, and creeds as sex offenders.  It is important to note that all of the scenarios in #whowillyouhelp have the man as the offender and women as a victim.  As I have said before, this is not always the case.

When people point out to feminists that boys and men are victims of sex crimes as well, feminists fights back by attempting to bully them into submission.  This come to form in #maletears, #misandry, and of course, #killallmen.  Feel free to look any of these up on facebook, twitter, instagram, or tumblr.

The hashtag #killallmen was started back in 2013 and has no end in sight.  It was started as a joke to get a reaction of surprise from the strength of FEMINIST POWER!  This, of course, did not happen.  To feminists surprise, various men wrote back:

“Congrats feminists, you have officially become hate filled irrationalists,”

“(this is) childish posturing, whining, and identity politics,”

“Dear feminists… Guess how I know you are gay,”

Feminists have made the realization that on their own they are small minorities in their communities, but though the space of social media they can band together to become a powerful hate group.

8.) Objectifying Women and Fat Pride vs. Slut Pride and #Freethenipple

These are four big beliefs of the feminist movement, so let me explain them.  The idea of objectifying women claims that putting sexy women in commercials or thinking women are hot because of their bodies is the equivalent of treating them like objects.  Fat pride, as I explained before, is a way of the feminist movement absolving themselves from the blame of making women fat, by blaming it on society.  Slut pride is blaming the label “slut” on society.  #Freethenipple is a movement that pushes the social acceptance of women walking around shirtless.

There is no such thing as “objectifying women”.  A man can watch a car commercial that sports a model holding the beer and think  that the model is hot while still recognizing the woman’s rights as a human being.  Just because a man thinks a woman is hot because of her body does not mean that he is dismissing her her rights as a human being.

You should not be proud to be fat.  Being fat is extremely unhealthy.  Fat is not beautiful for a number of reasons.  Men do not want to date fat women because it will be a source of endless humor among his friends at his expense.  Men do not want to date fat women because it comes with other issues like lack of discipline that could potentially be passed on to their children.

You should not be proud to be labeled a slut.  Being with multiple partners is not healthy, both physically and mentally.  Mentally, it is better to be committed to one partner.  Physically, the more men you sleep with the larger your chance is to contract STD’s.

I don’t really care about the #Freethenipple movement.  Since I am a man, it does not really affect me.  Honestly, if you want to walk around shirtless, go for it.  I seriously couldn’t care less.

The thing is, the ideas of fat pride and objectifying women contradict slut pride and #Freethenipple.  Objectifying women and fat pride are about how there is no beauty standard and how women should not be treated like sex-objects.  Slut pride is glorifying something that is only a couple steps below selling yourself, like an object, for sex.  #Freethenipple is literally parades of women showing off their boobs to promote the idea of women regularly showing off their boobs.

This rift in ideology has created a huge amount of confusion.  I should be proud that I am a slut, right?  On shouldn’t I because I am objectifying myself and involuntarily oppressing fat women.

9.) The Idea of “White Feminists”

“Calling all white, straight, cis, feminists,” read the title of a feminist writing piece in a feminist information pamphlet, “It’s time to wake the fuck up.”  The idea of differentiating white, straight, and cisgender feminists (let’s call them white feminists for short) from the rest of the pack is an ideal that has not only been around since the dawn of third-wave feminists, but also an ideal that is intertwined with the core values of feminism.

Besides Planned Parenthood, fat models, and tumblr, feminists value victim status.  Many minority groups claim victim status to make themselves more important; whether that be Blacklivesmatter, who claim they are targeted by an unfriendly police force; or hispanic group Deportracism who claim that they are oppressed by presidential candidates with no political power.  These groups claim victim status to guilt people to listen to their demands and create a level of importance for themselves above all of the “non-victims”.  In fact, the whole movement of feminism is built around claiming victim status, using it to force people to hear their views, and then attempting to make themselves more important that the “non-victims.”  In the hierarchy of this system, if you are a white, male, straight, cisgender, christian then you are the equivalent of dirt.  If you are a female, black, lesbian, transgender, muslim, feminist then you are a god.

The whole idea of victim status has been one of the many, many cancers that have slowly degraded that noble first-wave feminism into the modern third-wave feminism.  Victim status has taught feminists this: the more minority groups you belong to, the more of a victim you are; the more of a victim you are the more power/voice you have.  This has caused transgender, gay, black, hispanic, muslim, etc. feminists have power over white, straight, cis, and especially male feminists.

This hierarchical system has heavily crippled the internal culture of feminism but has also posed a huge double standard.  Feminists preach nonstop that they wish to tear down the (fictional) hierarchical patriarchy while they practice their own, very real, hierarchical system of internal oppression.  This hierarchical system has created a dog eat dog world in the world of feminism.  If a lowly white, straight, cis, feminists tries to stand down a gay, transgender feminist’s ideas, the rest of the pack pounces on them with claims of homophobia and transphobia.

10.) Slacktivism

As I said before, feminists scream their loudest on instagram, twitter, and tumblr.  Many feminists sit on their overweight, unmarried asses and type away on their smartphones and computers making a “difference in the world”.

When I think of the phrase making a difference in the world I think of four people.  The first three were men; Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr.  These three men made a huge difference in the world.  They didn’t do it by making anonymous instagram accounts or screaming with their friends of tumblr, they gathered a mass of people and made their voices heard.

The fourth person was Susan B. Anthony.  Susan B. Anthony was a brilliant speech giver and embodies and rallied the first-wave feminist movement.  Susan B. Anthony traveled across the United States of America rallying women and men with her heartfelt speeches under the simple cause for women’s rights to vote.  Susan B. Anthony did not impose a hierarchy of status among her followers, she did not hate groups of people, and she did not spread lies to further her agenda and popularize her propaganda.  She gathered an army of American citizens, both male and female, that won women the right to vote soon after she died.

Feminists know that cannot compare to the glory days of Susan B. Anthony, or become the next Martin Luther King Jr.  They know that they cannot reach these ceilings for the following two main reasons.  One, there are not that many strong feminists.  It seems like it is 50-50 between feminists and the sane few but it is because in this day in age with the media, the shrillest scream gets the MSNBC microphone.  They know that if they step out of their homes and gather in a MLK-esque march on Washington, there will be only so many CNN camera angles before even the casual viewer at home will realize that this group is a slim minority.  

Two, today’s feminism is an extremist group.  Most people who don’t consider themselves either strong feminists or strong haters of the group think of themselves as feminists because they associate feminists with Susan B. Anthony and first-wave feminism rather than the fat, ugly beast it is.  If feminists publicly voice their views then thousands more will turn their backs on them.

For these reasons feminism has been confined to the social media.  Since it has, it has made fat, ugly, lazy women (and probably some men) even lazier by incentivise them to cling to computer screen under the guise of leading the feminist charge.

Wrap up

Hopefully this has shed some light on the dark, ugly, fat, lazy, grotesque, smelly, stenchy, large, bloated, overweight, whale-like, obese-- oh God; it has begun!  I’ve spent so long writing about feminists that I’m just continuing to write about feminists!  Anyway, I hope I have showed the uneducated (on the issue) why this group is who they are and I hope I have showed feminists why they are so hated.

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