Why Are American Conservatives Praising Pretender Putin? Because looks like they have temporary amnesia. They forgot that Putin and his KGB Orthodox Church are fake Christians for very long time and that Putin and his KGB bosses always take side with enemies of America. Russian KGB killed over 30 million Christians and now the same criminals pretending that they are a "Good Christians" by preaching that free people in the in the West are bad Christians. None of these Communist criminals ever went to jail for their crimes in Russia. What a joke. Now KGB dictator Putin brainwashing Russians and the World that Free West is bad and that Russian KGB dictatorship is good. Looks like that corrupted Communist Abortionist Obama made American Conservatives afraid of freedom, so now they look up to another perverted wolf in sheep's clothing - KGB Dictator Putin. Maybe is time that American Conservatives start praising only one true leader: Son of God Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Putin is not "Bored Kid' he is 'Bored Professional Killer' thirsty for more innocent blood so that he can please his KGB Master Satan.


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  • Never forget the offmike comments that Oblamea made to Putin, before his last illegal/rigged reelection.

  • Here is a Vlad Putin complement !  He serves his nation with honor and only his nation !

    He is a strong leader and loyal to Russia and only Russia

    Can you say the same about any president after Ronald Reagan? 

    Bush I or II or the BJ boy or the Kenyan Islamist ?


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