This is my first posting folks. Hello to all.

I will try to be as sensitive with my questions, some of you may have disabled living at home or in an establishment that have caretakers looking after their loved ones, please bear with me.

In this very crucial  time that we are facing before our Election of a new President,  I have had this burning question buzzing around in my head and I am not sure if others have had this same question yet not asked....here is my question:

In States that have disabled people and are not capable of making decisions for themselves,  when it is Election time to cast a vote, how is this done?  Are the disabled asked questions in order to be able to answer, if they can, or is the selection made for them?

Disabled citizens who are in the care of a caretaker on a daily basis, and do not have the capability of managing for themselves, who makes the decision when it comes time to Vote for a Republican Leader or a Democratic Leader?   This has always puzzled me and I know there are those of you out there in cyber-land that may have the answer and put my mind at rest.

You can imagine for yourselves how this may throw votes either way, perhaps someone can put this to bed for me.


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  • Thanks and blessings to all finding my posts.
    Comments and ideas are slapped around this country worse than a sand storm. This is why Horses are given a Blinder Clothe so they may at least still somewhat navigate in the thicket of the mix.
    One may lead a horse to water but to make it think is as illusive an endeavor as speaking to the wall.
    This is a very important issue being raised about the likelihood of the rights of privacy for the aged and disabled. What's to say they are really protected from these Snakes?
    Back in the day, for one to steal anothers identity i.e. Social Security Number, it carried a Minimum Sentence of 12 years in a Federal Penitentiary. Now, there's not even one wrist being slapped.
    To which I speak of and address.
    I firmly believe, in the hindsight of 20/20, these issues of persons personal information has been created, funded, and consistently operated by the Federal Government.
    The story and history is a long one, and the circumstances are very broad and complicated, which is why it is more than mere Conspiracy Theory.
    When the Truth is exposed, Conspiracy Ends.
    Vigilance for our loved ones rights is key to keep them at bay from harm.
    Stay Aware and Beware! For one really never knows. Thanks.

  • Hi Max, thank you for your kind welcome.

    No one is a lunatic when common sense prevails, never fear anyone, or fear an opinion that you may have.  That's a real problem today with people and their "sensibilities".  Speak you mind and speak out, (oh, and carry a large stick :D)
    There are millions who have questions, some press more than others, I wonder if The Tea Party Execs can throw a hammer in there and stir it up in order to get answers or at least a reply.

    What helps me the most Max is that we aren't alone in this avenue of thinking, wonder how that can be remedied though ( speaking for the disabled)?  Who, in some capacity can get to the bottom of this query?....God bless you and yours as well Max and to all the faithful Patriots out there. God bless you!

  • Thanks Robert.  Weird how some questions stand out more than others and in my neck of the States, we have huge numbers that are disabled, therefore it would be very interesting in seeing what kind of numbers are from the "true" and how many are from the "False".  The way I see it, since The Democrats can try and get away with using deceased individuals to build their numbers, what makes us think that they wouldn't infiltrate the innocent disabled?  Nothing is sacred with them in order to benefit themselves.  Hope someone can find the answer.

  • Wow!  Great question!  I wish I could help you with an answer, but I have no experience in this.  Good luck finding out.

  • Blessings and welcome to TPO my friend.
    I speak only from my own personal standpoint, F.Y.I.
    If the case may be and exist that our own policy makers, in their guise as Political Action Commitees have taken names and Identities from those already fallen to bolster their candidate, then I would not doubt the same is true for those senior and/or disabled citizens in all capacities are placed under this same umbrella of scrutiny.
    I do so pray that I am wrong in this assumption. As well, I'm sure if it is the case, there will be someone calling me a lunatic for bringing it up.
    But whose to say? Where will one be allowed to go to discover what has taken place on their behalf as far as their personal vote counts?
    And to this extreme, how many times has our past presidents voted? George Washington and Abraham Lincoln? Who is still alive today to speak for and go to bat for them and their integrity?
    Just saying.
    Thanks. I hope this helps.
    Max Simon Uhrig III
    Arizona, U.S.A.

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