Who is the American Anarchist

Who is the American Anarchist


Let’s take a look at the left side of the aisle with some hard facts. 

Janet “Big Sister” Napolitano testified before the people that make the laws for our nation that she has the right to choose which laws to enforce and which to ignore. She has unilaterally declared that the first and fourth amendments are null and void within one hundred miles of any border of the United States.  And she brags about it.  She has purchased enough ammunition to wage a war for twenty years and supply her agents with one thousand times the ammunition allocated to soldiers in a combat zone.  She has purchased armored vehicles to be used on American soil.  She has declared to congress that she will not answer any question she doesn’t want to answer about the operation of her department nor give any reason for her actions even to the senate oversight committee to which she is supposed to be answerable.

Barack H. Obama, Harry Reid , Nancy Pelosi, et al have stated that the government determining which, if any, arms the people may bear is not an ‘infringement’ of our second amendment rights.  West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has gone against his own position, stated repeatedly during his campaign, and actually sponsored a bill that would drastically reduce the power and effectiveness of the second amendment.  B. Obama demands that each person that owns or purchases or even borrows a gun of any nature submit to a background check to which he refuses to submit himself.

The Left has stated that they know a gun control law would not reduce crime, but they want the law abiding citizens disarmed anyway.  Of course the criminals will still ignore such a law leaving the law abiding citizens at their mercy.  One criminal called the police to complain that he was afraid the owner of the house he had broken into was armed with a gun!  It made the news folks. 

Harry Reid has stated publicly that an organization that has the stated purpose of defending and protecting the constitution of our country, The Tea Party, are a bunch of anarchists.

The only really amazing thing about all of these truths is the number of voters that still support these power hungry, constitutions destroying people.

It is my belief that we are headed for a bloody and life destroying civil war.  Well, If it must come I know which side I will avail myself of my second amendment right to support.  I once took an oath to uphold that constitution and I will until the day I die of am killed doing just that.

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  • In 68 while in boot camp my DI told us never give up your right to own or carry a rife or your gun. He knew what was in store for us. The men and woman that have served are not about to let our government take over without a fight.  We, now trained and ready to continue our fight to uphold our freedom will stand together. 

  • The Bible did not speek about an AMERICAN ANTI CHRIST but with out a dough it was talking about a people that hatted the JEWS and CHRISTIANS as well. The anti-christ of that time would have tryed to be like christ and hold the power of christ but could not preform mericals like Christ or rais the dead like Christ or walk on the water like Christ or RAISE FROM THE DEAD AS WITNESSED BY 500 or more. He wroth the KARON and held power by murder and was hated by his own to the effect that thay poisened him. And this day their is a rift between their camp or religion to the effect that the others done it.

  • Gov wants to control the guns- then they control the populace- regarding type of education om schools, foods, water, amount of electricity someone uses- type of religion if any can be practices, healthcare- with its death panels--think not--just wait- til your care will cost more than is reasonable ---will let people just be treated palpably--

    progressives have it all figured ut--figure no one is really going to physically fight them--too many sheepie and wooses

  • I'm sorry but I think it is too late to do anything about this current administration short of a revolution by the people. The brain dead and corrupt voters put these socialists in power and once in will never give it up by whatever means necessary as demonstrate in the last presidential election

  •  That is why the Democrat Party is so determined to Disarm Americans! That will make their attack upon Communities look legitimate to other parts of America! The DIS-Information Machine will provide confusing Cover until such Point and Time that It won't really even Matter anymore! When that time approaches, That will be the time that the Streets in American Cities will appear much like the Streets of Syria Today! The Left wing Socialists have already determined that 3 to 5 million Americans will never be Assimilated Due to Patriotic, Religious, and Conservative Beliefs!!! This Answers the Questions about Home Land Security and the need for all of their Military Hardware! America, ask yourself this Question... Was Boston merely a Practical Exercise? There was a 27,000 Police/Soldier presence there in Boston! How many are on the Payroll For that entire State?

  • John Watson, we ARE moving toward anarchy, hussein obama and his minions and those to come will do away with Congress (both houses), the Supreme Court (even tho they r up his u know what), our military as we know it, senators will be irrelevant, our bill of rights will be gone, religious freedom esp. except for muslims.  2008 started the beggining of the end.  No one (including obama) took their oath on the consti and bill of rights, hussein o took it on the quran.  hussein o has and will increase his own army of children, illegals and muslims, he is well on his way of doing tht. and it is well funded thru the stimulus pckgs. 

  • I agree with it all except for the "Anarchist" part, I really have an issue with taking a dictatorship, any authoritarian form of government and making it out to be anarchy. Anarchy is the lack of government and they are far from it. I am not for Anarchy but I am for moving to the right of where we are as a nation. I continuously talk about how progressives have changed the meaning of words, let us not do the same thing, let's get words back to where they belong. 

    What is America's True Form of Government?


  • Afraid I must withhold my commentary on "B---hsisnumbnuts" and the rest of the "regime"; it really is not printable; but I can tell you "they will NOT win this one"!

  • If the wanna be king ever orders the police or even our ownmilkitary to kill us civilians, they will find out that they are outnumbered. God forbid that our own military would ever obey an order to kill nwe American citizens, That would be time for our military to turn around and fire in the other direction.

  • Napolitano is just another huge of a mistake as Obama was for the country. They are not nearly as big a problem though are those fools who selected them. WE real Americans will b have to take some drastic steps before an election of sorts is the answer to our countries problems.

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