Rick A. Geisler posted about Progressives, although what counts is how one votes. Many comments gave a list of votes which tells us, no matter if they ran as a Progressive, Liberal, Moderate, or Conservative, how they voted. The vote is what counts and some conclusions can be made by looking at who they suggest they represent and how they voted. We must remember to look at the vote to judge if America has been represented. Most of us are oath men and women as we all should be. We are oath keepers to our Country and our people. Just as Promise Keepers is an oath supporting organization for marriage. What say yee? Are we together in support of our Constitution and our rights or are we foolish enough to think these are outdated? It is not our Amendments; our Constitution; or Bill of Rights that are outdated. It is those who were elected that DO NOT keep their oath of office! Just as life tells us by experience that keeping ones oath is always a thing we all should do, we need them to keep their oath.

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