Wake Up America

I grew up in the 60's and 70's and remember America as a pretty

happy place...What happened,It was okay to have a few hippies

talking about peace and love and it was kind of funny when they

talked about the Man.We always knew there where good people that

made sensible decisions and would keep the country headed in the right

direction...What happen to these people,here it is 2013 and the hippies

are running the country,anything they complain about we change so they

are happy (For about 2 seconds)Our country is no longer the America we once knew,no more

pledge of allegiance,we take  God out of our Schools and then wonder

why kids are growing up without a sense of value for Human life.How are you

to raise kids any more,you cannot scold them or spank them,they have no

fear or respect for adults and grow up feeling everyone owes them something.

I am sick and tired of this New America...I'm sick and tired of this lying

President,I'm sick and tired of hearing about Gay rights,I'm sick and

tired of hearing about paying your fair share...I would like to see this country

split,Left and right...2 countries,one east of the Mississippi and one west.

Conservatives all living together working hard and being successful while

the Liberals all march on their little capital demanding Free Stuff....Which side

would you want to live on?.Conservative Children would say the Pledge of allegance

every morning and dress properly in school,they would learn respect and manners,

they would grow up with a sense of values and morals that would last them throughout

their life.They would learn how to work for what they want  without complaining.

Liberal children would only go to school if the felt like it,they would dress like bums,

and prostitutes,they would always demand free things and place the blame on

someone else...I'm serious,I would love to see a civil war between Conservatives and

Liberals..I'm hoping it happens and soon.America is to great a country to let a bunch

of whining liberals tear apart everything we worked so hard for and many died for

just so they are happy which in fact is funny because there is no such thing as a happy

liberal.Liberalism is a disease and it's spreading like the Black Plague....Wake up

America before it's to late.

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