A Democrat will win the Presidency no matter if Trump or Hillary win the nomination. Trump has, indeed, high-jacked the debunked Republican Party.  First, he is a wolf in sheep's clothing.  He already wants to debase the first Amendment, in that, he wants to hold liable the Press for printing oppositional speech against him. He would be using the Office of the Presidency to oppress those who have harmed him in the business world, with a vendetta, utilizing Executive Order Power to do so.  

Trump will have replaced the Republican Party with Trumpian Fascism Party.  He will have, also, made Obama a Saint and Martyr for his cause and promotion of it.  He will have gone beyond Progressivism; beyond recognition. There is nothing that the paralyzed Republican Party can do to reclaim itself under his reign. Once he silences the Press he will have complete power over any expression of speech that he feels offensive to him. Yes, be suspicious of his corruption!  He owns all of those lackeys who suck up to his awesome ability of the 'deal'; Christi is his main lackey. How naive are his followers?  Are they all blue collar worker mentality?  

Trust these words:  Under Trump or Hillary the Bill of Rights and the Articles of the Constitution will be secondary to the citizen of the USA, meeting,instead, the needs of the Power Structure replacing it; if not abolishing them,entirely, deeming them impediments to job creation, and progress.  Con man and Hillary Progresive are just the beginning of the end of our notion of what is freedom in our Nation. Sovereignty of persons and States will exist nomore, and all boundaries will be erased under the guise of Progress.       


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