IS HE?   if so then he sure has the logs for the fire.    Many things have happened since he announced his candidacy for the pres of the united states.   First was kate steinle.    HE has been right all along.  The blatant and disgusting show by the Dems and never trumpers is a horror.  The blatant treason and subversion of our govt by Obama; Hillary and their buddies is an act that needs to land them in prison.  Will he declare marshall law?  that remains to b seen.   I think that for a very short time to clean up this mess he may no one knows but something has to be done.  Will he just fire them all.  Could be.  This article lays out a good case and he sure has one no argument here.  I guess w/the mid terms coming and the Brett KAvanaugh nominatiion circus playing we shall see. The Dems are a disaster and we know we cannot vote for them the GOP on the o/hand well some are still decent.  Some.  

WE have a job to do to save this nation period and that is what has to be done.  Our schools and the border wall are 2 things that have to be priority.  Schools for our kids have to be what we learned about this countrys history and the us constitution and the wall we have to stop the invasion of America.

All have some blame.  The rest is our job.  We cannot loose.  

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