Leaders of TEA Party Organizations,

I have seen the different groups in the TEA Party family all working independently, or so it                         seems to me, on projects that are all very important.  I know that one of the draws of the TEA Party is independence but the time has come that all of you must unite to fight the common enemy, an out of control government.  Both political parties are unresponsive to the citizens and only getting worse.  There are good conservatives in Congress but they are being beaten down one at a time by a machine that destroys anyone who refuses to bow to the “party loyalty first” crowd and their behind-the-scenes handlers.

The Republican Party “leadership” is in league with the most radical Democrats who have ever been in power.  We are on the verge of losing our freedom because we continue to support those who have turned their backs on us time and again.  Republicans have lied to us so many times I have lost track of the number.  They have “investigated” time and gain yet have given us nothing but hand-wringing and excuses for the evil deeds of politicians of both parties.  It is time to take drastic measures.

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  • What we need first and foremost is some kind of structure to make all of your suggestions happen. Please share this link on any venue you have, facebook, google, twitter, or any other. The further this spreads and the more people who stand up for liberty the better chance we have.

  • Americans can choose FREEDOM or SLAVERY.  The Preamble provides freedom through limited govt.  That's the best you can hope for.  The CHANGE must be made at the SCOTUS where the Constitution has been controverted through corruption and political bias.  The SCOTUS was established to be a great big NO.  It has failed to stop the errosion of the force of the Constitution for over 200 years.  The Civil War, confiscation of private property, labor law, Federal Reserve, Income Tax, Social Security, Medicare, Affimative Action, Welfare, Food Stamps, Obamacare, ALL should have been declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL by the SCOTUS.  Begin by having Congress (elected by more votes than the President with a larger mandate for political action than the President) IMPEACH the SCOTUS for negligence, corruption through ideological bias and treason.  End the dictatorship of the proletariat.  End the SLAVERY.  Bestow the FREEDOM.  Begin at the SCOTUS, buddy. 

  • The Preamble is the original intent of the Founders.  The Preamble limits govt to security and general welfare which excludes individual welfare.  Security is police, fire and military.  General welfare is infrastructure, clean air, clean water, pandemic control and other conditions that affect ALL people the same way (all people drink the same amount of water daily), not individual desires and maladies.  The govt can't take money from one man to give it to another.  Freedom to engage in the "pursuit of happiness."  Citizens take care of themselves.  Industry is private including education and healthcare.  The Preamble sets the parameters within which the govt functions according to the Constitution.  



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