This video needs to be seen by every patriotic American citizen. Please spread this video to every one you know. Don’t bother with the liberal socialist democrats, they’re the ones who ordered the gun confiscation from law-abiding citizens in the first place. Not one story of  confiscating guns from the criminals, why is that? Please, please, please, did I say please? If not, please join and support the NRA and Also, buy a gun and learn how to use it.!


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  • When evil comes, as now you should always Pray. Then make the decision to either submit to it, or resist it.

  • They musr disarm us to enslave us.

  • The following video is even more damning than the one above... like all attacks on The People, the initial killers are hand picked (like the SS), probably by the residing general and attorney general of Louisianna with endorsements of the attorney general of both (=the governor herself):

    The army is training to take your guns (click here)

  • Tammany Parrish Sheriff's Dept.? sounds more like Tammany Hall in NYC.  Definitely it's time for a new sheriff and REAL understanding of our Constitutional Rights. Where is Gov. Jindal on all this? 

  • I firmly believe this is going to backfire on the elected political criminals in office. Throughout history, communism has failed the citizens and has resulted in their mass murder. Today we have communists usurping authority over America's political system and if unchecked, will also result in mass killings right here in America, guaranteed.

    So what's different? We're Americans, plain and simple. We Americans understand the dangers of communism and will not let a few criminals disarm the masses and that will result in the mass killing of the communists, not Americans, right here in America. Granted, many Americans may die protecting our freedoms, but that's what Americans have always done for others and now we are going to be forced to do it for us. The Obama communist regime has overplayed their hand. Thanks to Obama, gun sales are skyrocketing with no end in sight, except for the end of the communists here in America.

    I am not in any way promoting violence, I hope it never comes to that. But it is best to be prepared for the worst and pray for the best. In other countries where the communists outlawed guns and then murdered, or starved, the unarmed citizens, there was no 2nd amendment, that is the very reason America has a 2nd amendment. I just didn't have a clue it would be tested in my lifetime, did you? 

  • Barry is using scare tactics, like with the sequester. Planting aircraft carriers on the shore, almost. He will violate our rights, to scare us further...He couldn't use that gunpower from the ships, cuz he would wipe out the country! We need someplace to go...very, very soon! CutnShoot, Texas, here. GOD BLESS TEXAS!

  • Jim I agree with you, it is a serious problem that needs to be addressed and will be addressed. During the Revolutionary war we had a rag-tag army go up against the most powerful army on the planet at the time. A few defeated that army because God was on their side. Nothing has changed. God is on our side. He knows who the criminals are and he is in the process of exposing them. Yes, it is a very serious and large problem, but I'm not hung up on the magnitude of the problem, I would loose hope if that were the case. I am hung up on God's will for America and I can assure you, God is for the true, good-hearted, generous, law-abiding, church going, American people, no matter how rag-tag we appear to be.  You seem depressed and all is lost, it is not. 

  • Lizard Man, that is exactly what millions of like minded Americans are doing. Thank you for your concern for America. I went to the gun range the other day and it was so packed, I had to laugh. Families lined up learning to shoot. It was amazing. I have no doubt, God is on America's side. I have no doubt God is responsible for waking up the patriotic citizens of America. To me that is so encouraging and exciting. A personal relationship with God and prayer are our greatest weapons while we cling to our Bible and our guns. Fear not for the battle is God's. Pray for the best and be prepared for the worst. 

  • Jim Fogarty, you said; First look up "Litmus Test: Obama ask senior mil commanders if they will shoot American citizen"

    I am aware of that fear mongering propaganda. I would first have to ask why that was "leaked" to the public in the first place? To cause fear, nothing more. I am sure there are very few criminal soldiers that would kill American citizens, just like there are a few cops who would do the same. My question is, how many will not shoot at American citizens and either lay their arms down or join with the citizens militia?

    Secondly: What do you think they did at Waco? Once again were dealing with a very small criminal element within our government that needs to be weeded out by “We the People”. Everything that is happening today within our government is happening to show We the People just how deep the rabbit hole goes. America will not fall by the wayside. First of all, whether you believe in God or not, America belongs to God and God entrusted America to Americans. Unfortunately we fell asleep at the wheel and trusted criminals in power to have our best interest at heart. Obviously we can see how that is working out. The key word there is “see”. Are you beginning to see clearly what condition, We the People, have allowed our government to become.


    Many Constitutional changes are upon the horizon that will prevent this crap from ever happing again. I hope you know, that without God’s divine intervention the Revolutionary war could not have been won. We the People are in the same boat today, without God’s divine intervention, sadly, Obama’s war against America will not be won. Many people, especially the misguided Christians, believe God is punishing America for all the corruption. If that were true, why during the time of the Revolution did God not also punish America. Corruption was on a rampage back then. Immoral people were hiding in the closets by the boatload. It seems to me, God would have never let America get off the ground.


    The real fear of Evil is, there is a spiritual awakening coming to America that will awe the world and cower evil. If God be for, We the People, no one can be against us. If you’re still operating in fear and think the American Government is going to succumb to communism, I highly suggest you get to know God on a first name basis. Then ask God to destroy our enemies. They’re easy to see, because the hate the American spirit that sets people free.  This is strictly a battle between the spirits of good and the spirits of evil, nothing more.  The good news, God has already won this battle because of one man; Jesus. It is just taking God’s children all this time to realize that, and realize that they will.

  • John and Jim, I do not need to say anything to the Russians, Germans and Cambodians, they are not patriotic Americans. As far as the unconstitutional actions of a few law breaking police officers in New Orleans, they needed to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for violating the rights of those citizens. It is up to, We the People, to send the message to these rogue cops that violating the rights of a law abiding citizen will not be tolerated. It’s funny how long ago Katrina happened and how many people did not know those citizens were violated in the way they were. Quite frankly I don’t get your point. I’m well aware communist governments always take over the military and police to kill the people who do not line up. Do you seriously believe that just a few communist in Obama’s regime here in the United States can pull that off? What’s going on with Obama’s communist regime is, they over played their hand and awakened the American people to the possible “take over”. There is a very powerful patriotic grass roots movement going on here in the United States that purposely is not calling attention to itself for obvious reasons. As far as the billions of bullets go, they have always been buying, so what. American citizens are out buying them ten to one why isn’t that publicized? Obama is nothing more than a fear monger and releases his propaganda to try and rule by fear, that’s all he has.

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