By: Juan Reynoso, activist -     STAND FOR AMERICA

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

Texas needs to protect its Border to defend the Texas sovereignty and the sovereignty of The USA.

Wake up America, this invasion of unaccompanied children seeking asylum is the work of the Obama administration, in fact is part of the North America Union agenda, The United States corporate and the financing Banking elite want to control the economics of the American continent; The big picture is the organization of the “North American Union”

This invasion of illegal immigrants is not new for the last 3 years we had knowledge that unaccompanied children from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador enter the US illegally, The Dept. of Home Land Security, The Border Patrol, The Border Governors, congress, The President and the US. Dept. of justice and most Washington politicians have knowledge of this illegal invasion of foreign nationals. The proposed legislations and initiatives to stop this immigration problem from Congress, Home Land Security and the law enforcement is a charade to appease the people that was concern about the issue and send letter to congress asking to protect the border.

The increase in unaccompanied children seeking asylum, it is not a refugee problem, in reality this is an acceleration of the Agenda to form the North American Union,  it is not the lack of capacity from the Border Patrol to secure our Borders, but the deliberate actions of our government to reemphasizes the people and Congress’s that our immigration system is broken and that will be fix by passing  the comprehensive immigration reform that will address the invasion and the 12 million illegal immigrants that are in our country illegally  for many years.

The truth is that our government plan and executed the demise of the core of the citizenry of our country to form a country without a firm ideology and principles by promoting the immigration of a multiplex ideology, principles language, religion and morality, we cannot communicate and we are complete divide and easy to control; that is their plan and look like they have accomplished, the creation of a “babel tower”; divided by the language, principles and ignorant of our constitution or what American stand for.

Fellow Texans we are in the last days of the USA being a sovereign country, accountable to the American people. With the North American Union come the demise of our constitutional rights and our freedom and also the enslaver of the people of Mexico, The USA and Canada. The control of natural resources and human capital is the objective of the American elite through the North American Union; no borders or laws that prevent them to have absolute control of the people and the economic. Fellow Texans we, California, Arizona and New Mexico are the hope of America.  Being the USA as we are today is a must, our constitution must be defended at all cost it guarantees our freedom and our state sovereignty. We Texans had to contend with this open border issue since Ronald Reagan, the amnesty of 1986 and the free trade promote by Reagan was the beginning of the end of our United States.

We must support Rick Perry and defend and secure our border, the price of this open border policy and the promotion of the North American Union is too high to bear; our freedom, liberty and our constitution must never be compromise. The greed for power and money are the evil that is destroying our country.

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Sources for this article include:

Texas’ Sovereignty under the 10th Amendment!

California is a sovereign State.


Arizona and New Mexico are a sovereign State.

US Visa waiver – I-94W forms- were implemented to facilitate the invasion of illegal immigrants.

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  •    And you think that will happen?  Got to rallys, print posters and post on the web! That is the Tea Party! When it takes feet on the ground? Don't look for that to happen!  There might be guns and shooting! OH MY!

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