I have recently been engaged in running dialogue with several “useful idiots” over Mitt Romney’s recent speech at the Al Smith Dinner. And the disconnect displayed by several respondents to 1 simple statement I made that: “THIS is how an AMERICAN PRESIDENT ACTS!” has been if anything; enlightening to the mindset of these individuals. The first comment I received was the following:


Zhadeix in reply to Keith Westbrook 1 day ago

And the descent into discourse continued at an accelerated rate from all sides with my help. The fact that my comment was based on the closing statement that Mr. Romney made was inconsequential to the discussion and completely missed by the zealous left. And my response was less than cordial from that moment on.

I have for many months now into several years studied the “progressive/socialist” movement in this Country and written about it on numerous occasions. I have included in those dissertations, THOUSANDS of fact- checked reference's verifying the information contained within. And throughout it all one glaring fact based truth is undeniably evident: NO GOOD HAS EVER COME FROM IT!

It is from a position of indifferent arrogance that the progressive socialist movement has not only stayed alive but prospered within academia and government in this Nation. The “intellectual elite” are entrenched in the belief that they, because of their devotion to so-called intellectual self-enlightenment are entitled to the greatest share of wealth and control over the rest of the populace. They along with progressive/liberal politicians have created the largest socialism indoctrination system outside the former Soviet Union and modern China. We now have multiple generations of Americans who have no perception of anything in the way of information that is not spoon fed to them by the media. It is structured propaganda that the progressive movement created and I will prove it:

Ohio State students interviewed on Libya!

And the indoctrination is even more self evident in the following response:

Ohio State students interviewed on Obstruction in our Govt.

And as with the former Soviet Union and in China today as well as Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and others, controlling the media narrative is imperative to controlling the population at large. If not for the 1st. Amendment where would this Republic be right now? Yet we have entire groups of “useful idiots” that side with a complete lie fabricated to hide the failing policies of this administration. We have an entire media that except for the unwilling act of occasional journalism, has become the incestuous bedmate of progressive socialism, failing to see that throughout history the socialist govt. once empowered KILLED every teacher, journalist and elected official that they perceived a threat. The most recent example was the reign of terror by Pol Pot.

This has been in the making in America for 100 years now, starting with the Woodrow Wilson Administration and the first foray of the academic elite entering politics. His progressive policies were responsible for the largest growth of the government since the Civil War and reconstruction periods and created everything from the Federal Reserve to Income Tax. Under his administration with the help of a Democratically controlled House the federal govt. grew by 250% and also helped create legislation opening the door for union activism to proliferate without oversight.

The push back on progressivism by the massive over intrusion by Wilson’s Administration led to many years where the title of progressive was deemed an insult, mostly because of his views of the Founding Fathers and his desire to end the govt. that the Constitution of the United States formed, in favor of a more Parliamentarian style of govt..

The one thing that these progressive socialist’s realized was to affect change they had to change the perception of an entire Nation, and the best way, was to start early and work slowly through indoctrination methods. During Wilson’s administration he set in motion legislation that would fund schools, that started the erosion of state and local responsibility for education, which allowed for the federal govt. and not local school boards to set standards dictating curriculum.

And every 20 years or so from this administration forward we have had revisits to progressive socialism:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Roosevelt expansion of the federal govt. by any means necessary includes passing a record 3728 executive orders or almost 1 a day for 12 years! It was called the “New Deal” for a reason

Lyndon B. Johnson: a life long politician and political insider whose “Great Society” legislation has led to 47 years of constant federal govt. expansion at the cost of states rights. Historians argue that Johnson's presidency marked the peak of modern liberalism in the United States after the New Deal era.

Jimmy Carter: During Carter's term as President, two new cabinet-level departments were created: the Department of Energy and the Department of Education.

William Jefferson Clinton: During his presidency, Clinton advocated for a wide variety of legislation and programs, much of which was enacted into law or was implemented by the executive branch. Some of his policies, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement and welfare reform, have been attributed to a centrist Third Way philosophy of governance, while on other issues his stance was left-of-center

Barack Hussein Obama: He is the first POTUS since Wilson to come from Academia with no other real background outside of instutionalized education, except for a brief stint in the Illinois state govt. and then 2 years as a Senator.

All of these individuals were all deemed by the media of their day as “intellectual elites”, including Clinton being a “Rhodes” scholar. All have presided over the greatest loss of individual freedoms in the name of the “common good” than all of the previous administrations COMBINED!

All have been the darlings of their bed fellows the media, which when the Constitution was written granting them the powers of the 4th estate, it was as a watchdog against the very actions that they now defend or try to obfuscate from the American people. But this relationship has only existed when it is a Democrat Administration.

I am old enough to remember quite accurately the media’s relentless pursuit of Nixon on Watergate and his involvement which led to his resignation. Their pursuit of Reagan in the Iran Contra Affair and the prosecution of Col. Oliver North. The relentless media attacks of every Republican administration for the last 100 years as compared to the media’s handling of Democrat administrations has been shameful. From Hoover-villes to the “New Deal” from the “great society” to Nixon's war( Vietnam which was escalated by Johnson) and on and on it has become an exercise in futility to expect anyone in America, exposed to their diatribe, to remain anything but indoctrinated to their propaganda.

All of these media elites were educated and indoctrinated into this movement in the Academic environment. They now carry forward the “progressive socialist” message and agenda driving the narrative, instead of observing and reporting on it.

Progressive socialism is a cancer, it kills everything it infects, and like cancer it slowly destroys the body whole, until only radical treatment can have a chance of saving the patient. In any life threatening situation there is always an acceptable loss of tissue to justify saving a life. We have now reached that point in America’s future health, we must now cut the disease from the body to save the body whole.

America is finally awakening from her long sleep and the media is now more despised than unions. But we must continue to remove them further from infecting our Country.If we stopped supporting any company that supports any newspaper and all of the alphabet networks we could choke them to death from lack of funding. End their revenue resources and we end them. I have personally boycotted all major products that advertise on any network or media outlet. I do not miss them and neither does my wallet.

We must continue to remove the federal influence of govt. from our local education. I am a firm supporter of oaths of office to be given to teachers and administrators, like my military and fiduciary oath. Until their loyalty to the children’s education supplants socialist dogma and union manipulation we are faced with an ever declining education system teaching more about non-American values and globalism than the fundamentals of the 3R’s and about this Great Nation’s history.

My readers know one of my favorite sayings is it is time to cull the herd, it is from the John Wayne movie McClintock when he describes the “poor specimen” that is the territorial governor. The ‘useful idiots” go ballistic when I use it and I love seeing their heads explode yet they are the ones advocating creation of a government that will have just that power through Obamacare. Their stupidity knows no bounds!

In Freedom,

Dr. Keith C. Westbrook Ph.D.                                                                                                                                    

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  •               I always find it unbelievable when I see for myself how well the dumbing down of Americans has been so successful .  The communists in the educational systems and mainstream media , who consider themselves to be the "intelligent elites "  ,   have totally destroyed the intelligence of at least two generations od Americans .  Hitlers indoctrination centers never even hoped for such massive success.  To me " intelligence has been co-opted by ignorance just as the democratic party has been co-opted by the communists and is now more approriately described as the " DEMONRAT " party .

  • "IT WAS WRITTEN FOR HIM" Funny. Everything obama says, and has said including his faux birth certificate.. has been written for him.

     On his own... he's a stumbling mis-fit that can't even put forth 'a good lie'.

  • Capitalism does not just benefit the capitalist alone - it mainly benefits the customer. If the capitalist does not serve the customer the capitalist will have, to paraphrase John Cleese, a late business. As a result, Capitalism (perhaps better called Customerism?) is truly “Power to the People”. Ask yourself which of the products and services you use were invented, developed and produced by the private sector and which by the public sector?

    Socialism, or whatever “planned economy” on the other hand, is Power to the State - and the State is always and everywhere all about power. While Capitalism gone awry may produce a Madoff or a Goldman Sachs, the excesses of government are Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot et al. How can anyone really believe  that giving control of all the wealth to the same people who control all the weapons is a “really good idea” that will turn out wonderfully - this time?

    One critical problem not addressed by “progressives” is incentives. Clearly, the "progressive" demand for equality of outcome is simply not rational. People have different skills and abilities. I can't play golf like Tiger or basketball like Michael. Nor can I do neurosurgery or fly a plane or whatever. If equality of outcome is the rule why waste time developing skills, taking risks, working, innovating, etc.? Price (another critical problem not addressed by “progressives”) is the market mechanism for rewarding skill, work, initiative, inventiveness, risk taking, and for allocating scarce goods etc. How is price discovered and goods, especially scarce goods, apportioned in the “progressive” world?


    The Capitalist is rewarded for efficiently satisfying customers; the State is rewarded by amassing and centralizing power. In general the only real purpose of any bureaucracy is to grow. It’s immaterial whether the bureaucracy is in the private or public sector - its only purpose is to grow. Fortunately, the private sector has a pruning mechanism. Unfortunately, the public sector doesn't. Every page, every sentence, every word of legislation and regulation is fertilizer that enables bureaucrats to grow the bureaucracy and the power of the state Similarly, so does increasing the population of those dependent on the state. As history shows when people cede power to the state they do not easily get it back. 


    How does one incentivize government bureaucrats to not accumulate of power? How do you avoid Lords and Serfs and worse? Public sector bureaucrats are punished for efficiency and problem solving - they lose funding and therefore status and power. For a sample from an endless list of examples ask yourself:

    • Why, in the US for example, as the end of a fiscal year approaches, does every government bureaucracy rush to spend every remaining cent of funds?
    • What would happen to the Drug Enforcement Agency if the drug problem were “solved”?
    • Why is there a Bureau of Indian Affairs in the 21st century and why have American Indians still not assimilated?
    • Why is American education poorer but vastly more expensive today than before the creation of the Department of Education?
    • What has the Department of Energy accomplished re energy independence?
    • What has the Environmental Protection Agency accomplished other than insuring “dirty” jobs and processes move to such ecological wonderlands as China, India, Bangladesh, etc.?

    From Chinese economist Zhang Weiying:

    "We human beings always seek happiness," says Mr. Zhang. "Now there are two ways. You make yourself happy by making other people unhappy—I call that the logic of robbery. The other way, you make yourself happy by making other people happy—that's the logic of the market. Which way do you prefer?"


  • The progressive movement goes back further than Wilson. It has its beginnings with none other than Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. Study the methods used by Lincoln during the Civil War and then tell me how he was a constitutional president. Then tell me how someone like Teddy can be called anything but a progressive with his history of government power grabs.

    By the way, as a Catholic, I am deeply offended that Cardinal Dolan invited Obama to the Al Smith Dinner for all it did was welcome a candidate who espouses gay marriage and abortion with an avenue for his phony political message that is against every value we Christians hold dear. It as much as told Catholics that Obama was a legitimate candidate for president. Shame on Dolan who beforehand I had thought a bulwark against socialism....or is that only against socialism that is limited in scope like killing babies and opposition to the marriage of perverts all the while ignoring the socialists attempts to invade every aspect of our lives. Every single Pope spoke out against socialism but it seems Cardinal Dolan somehow missed those warnings.

  • I am with Philip, they all gotta go!

  • Philip:

    Thanks for taking the time to read and pass along, it is genuinely appreciated. :)

  • Dr. Westbrook states what WE ALL KNOW . . . . . Obama and the democrats gotta go.

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