The Christian Church of today, is it?

A pole took in the 60's showed that about 40% of those attending church had said the Prayer of Salvation. But what about today.

According the experts who we trust in their guidance it is Salvation! A pole was taken with churches and it is astounding! Only 15% of Christian Church attending families had received Jesus as their personal Savior. They had never been lead in the Prayer of Salvation or were fooled by the enemy into thinking they already knew Jesus. They thought that church attendance was all that was needed! This is especially true of the Catholic Churches because they have a ritual instead of simple heart supporting prayer. This means 85% attending our churches are not lead by the Holy Spirit. They go to get that feel good sensation which the Lord does allow with His presence! God bless. Virgil

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  • All this started with the New Age Bibles, where they started changing things. When I returned from the Navy, the church was a different place than when I left it. 

    Ordaining Gays, No longer calling Sin, Sin.

    People do not turn to God as I see it because they see no evidence in the lives of their leaders.

    I try to tell people, Pray, Repent, and give yourself to the Lord.  Ask him to show himself to you and do with you what ever he wants.

    It will change your life in the most amazing ways.

    You will experience a protection that you never imagined.

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