Thank our lucky stars he is not our President, treated as if he is, and if he was he would be a vengeful one, and most verbally offensive. Trump is a very vindictive, abrasive, and an extreme narcissus; only interested in a 'winning' state of mind and an unquenchable fetus for it, at any cost; he certainly can afford to run anyone over to achieve his goal. Is this what his desperate supporters want?; if so, they will reap being run over if they ever dare get in his way, and he would do it using their money, not his for sure.  

The not well informed are not well armed when it concerns realizing long term consequences of knee jerk responses, to solve their immediate dissatisfaction with government, and their economic condition. He and they have paired up to find scapegoats to appease their impetuous need to resolve complex issues.

Led by a madman seems reasonable to a mob mentality called political rebellion, without the realization that they are being pandered to by him.

How do you explain rational thought to an angry mob? It cannot be done!!! Therefore, if Trump became Emperor the angry mob will become the untamed lion, devouring our Republic with revenge.   


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