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My DAV chapter has told me that the IRS has revoked the tax exempt status the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) have had for decades.  Does anyone know of any other organizations that have had  their tax exempt status revoked?  If the Charter granted by Congress has not been withdrawn nor changed, how does the IRS get away with this?


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  • Thank you for the information.  I was unaware of this.


    The IRS publishes a list of organizations that have had their federal tax-exempt status automatically revoked for failing to file an annual information return or notice with the IRS for three consecutive years (Auto-Revocation List). The Auto-Revocation List may be viewed and searched on Exempt Organizations Select Check (EO Select Check). The Auto-Revocation List provides the organization's name, employer identification number (EIN), exemption type, last known address, effective date of revocation and the date the organization's name was posted on Users can also download the Auto-Revocation List using EO Select Check.

    Notification of Auto Revocation

    In March 2013, EO will begin providing more current information about automatic revocations by including organizations on the Automatic Revocation List within a month of their effective date of revocation.

    Previously, organizations did not appear on the List until six months after revocation.  Because of this change, the number of organizations added to the List in March 2013 will appear higher than in other months because it includes a catch-up period of about seven months.

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