Many Republican voters are ignorant of the past setups that we are now seeing! I went through them all! Did you know that a spouse of an American cannot come as a tourist? I saw 22 in one flight and from just one country sent home in one day. A deal with airlines? Sure! They keep their flight full and those that love and support honor and freedom are rejected! It is 2007, before the election of this anti-American Communist. I paid 1471 to get my wife here.. she was a terrorist because she supported honor and came legally! 22 on just that one flight, from one county, and in that one day were rejected because they love freedom! Where is our media in this? They are a bought bunch of crap and do not deserve the ability to send radio or TV communications. They, as we see by what they support, are a totally corrupt absolute against all of American freedoms and have no regrets out of ignorance!

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  • If anybody can decipher this, please share it.............

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