It is almost impossible to convince a Progressive, a Socialist, a Marxist that they are the same thing: a budding Communist.
Samuel Gompers, leader of the AFL, once told Socialists,"Economically you are unsound,socially you are wrong,industrially you are an impossibility".

It is easier threading a camel through a needle than to convince a brainwashed political socialist neophyte that he or she is what they are. They will tell you that the rich are greedy; depriving others of their wealth, and that it is social injustice that they are hoarding the wealth for only themselves.
They will tell you that spreading the wealth is infinite, and that income inequality is not social justice.

They believe that slavery was ended by Democrats; it was Lincoln,a Republican, who with the Emancipation Proclamation freed them. However, they claim that he was really a Democrat; then who was Jefferson Davis, the Confederate States' President; the Democrat stronghold who enslaved the Negro, and who were enriched by this industry. It is a contradiction; they are blind to this fact.

Furthermore,the Black voter was swindled into believing that it was The Democrats who freed their ancestors from 'Slavery'. The fact is,they are still enslaved due to Democrat politicians in their perspective States.

The Mexican, and Black population are the target,coveted by the Dems because they are the least informed, and least educated. They are game for being duped for the Dem vote; pandered to with promises of freebees.

The Socialist/Marxists have one thing right: class conflict is their aim, and they have been successful in inducing that by injecting social division tactics, providing ludicrous propaganda into that element of American lemming population.
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