Return of Conserative America

We can rant and rave and remain "divided" or we can start with one issue at a time and become as one in making our decisions for the future elections. Divided we fall, united we shall eventually overcome "hopefully."

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  • There is no America.  America existed for a few moments in 1776 in the Preamble which provided complete freedom by limiting the govt. to security and infrasturcture.  The Preamble EXCLUDED the redistribution of wealth and any and all programs and policies that derived from redistribution.  The Preamble EXLUDED individual welfare when it included GENERAL WELFARE.  The Preamble was simple and America was free.  The ONE effort that would reinstate America would be to prosecute the SCOTUS for negligence and malicious ideological bias.  Executive and Legislative branches may have done anything irrational and incoherent.  The Judcial branch was established to say NO.  The SCOTUS has not said NO for over 200 years starting with confiscation of private property and the right of a state to seceed, etc,, etc.  The SCOTUS should be accountable for implementing the Constitution continuously and should be prosecuted for failures.  The English of the Constitution is clear and understandable to all common Americans.  The SCOTUS has allowed things like Social Security and the Federal Reserve Board which are clearly in violation of the Preamble and Constitution.  The Preamble sets the parameters of security and infrastructure and the Constitution provides for the conduct and execution of govt. within the parameters of the Preamble.  The Preamble is the "original intent" of the Founders.  General Welfare excludes individual welfare.  The entire contemorary "welfare state" always has been un-Constitutional.  The SCOTUS is the point of failure in the American experience.  The current SCOTUS must be prosecuted and replaced with Justices that will not "legislate from the bench" and will impose the simple, understandable language of the Preamble and Constitution.

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