If we lived in a time where we had a free unbiased government, press, and news media, it wouldn't matter, would it?    Well, we are neck deep in overwhelming tyranny, and any word or sentence posted by anybody about a citizen, can and will be mined by progressives, our out of control government, government's media, or any other pervert to take it in or out of context to destroy anyone they want to destroy!     Facebook tries like no other to know EVERYTHING about you and everything anybody says about you.   So, if you or someone else enters t-party "anywhere" and mentions blowing up a balloon at a birthday party & you miss the "L" key, don't be surprised if the FBI, SWAT teams, & NBC surround your house & machine gun the dog if it barks!

Please fix it so members can post without inviting the Obamanation into the bedroom!

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  • Dee, member blogs on the right side of the home page work fine - same with most subjects you post elsewhere.    It's the many various e-mail notice subjects I get under the t-party name that direct me to the t-party web site that's the problem & it appears that all of them are restricted to facebook, yahoo, AOL, or hotmail.   Most are good subjects & comments, that I can read, but can't comment without logging on to one of the four.   

    With few exceptions, most of the member comments on the right side get near zero discussion & therefore not worth the time to research & write.    Unfortunately, I'll wind up deleting the e-mails.    It's like a private series of fragmented discussions that excludes members.

    If one knows the power and relative simplicity of data mining relative to corporate internal control, profitability, and staying ahead of competition you'll tremble knowing what's in the hands of traitors within government.   Fear works anywhere, including the voting booth, especially if one is imperfect, which describes all living humans.    It's ugly head is openly snapping at us right now!

    I'm not telling anyone what to write or legally do & not angry at anyone.   I will not aid any organization like facebook that collects minute cradle to grave information on or about individuals that over time can be used by a tyrannical government to destroy or control any individual or suppress criminal information.   Sadly, we're losing our freedom.


    I'm posting and I am not logged into FaceBook.  TeaParty.org does use Facebook comments.....as do most of the large well run sites....

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