Obama’s Great Blessing -- Christians Misunderstand

the Doctrine of “Turn the Other Cheek!”

One of the very few places where Rajjpuut agrees with Barack Obama occurred in 2007 when Illinois Senator Obama said, “The United States is NOT a Christian nation.” Some Christians get angry to hear that from Rajjpuut as well as from Obama. Nevertheless, Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, both Massachusetts Adamses and virtually the entirety of the founding fathers believed precisely that way, that it was important NOT to be a Christian nation but rather to be a nation where religious tolerance as well as true separation of church and state existed.

Of course, Obama, interprets the statement “ America is NOT (or, no longer) a Christian Nation” in a very negative and controversial manner and Rajjpuut interprets the statement in a very uplifting manner. Obama interprets that statement to mean that he can abuse Christians in this country virtually with impunity as he and his administration feel the need to side with other groups for political gain. More specifics on this will follow in a few paragraphs. Rajjpuut means it this way: the evils done to some adherents of some religions by others (for examples by Catholics and Protestants to each other in Ireland and Northern Ireland, to Non-Anglican Christians such as the Quakers by the Brits, Jews suffering in Russia and Germany, and Muslims in Bosnia, etc.) ; all the evils that have been done in the name of corruptions of Christianity historically to other religious and non-religious people; the evils that state-mandated religions all over the world have done; and all possible evils associated with BIG RELIGION . . . all of this is controlled by the law, by the Constitution, in America. No one in America can be forced to follow a given religion or dissuaded from following their own spiritual leanings in America.

As for Obama’s intolerance toward Christianity, lets examine just three incidents:

#1 After hosting 50,000 Muslims for three hours on Capitol Hill September 25, 2009, at the the National Day of Prayer for Muslims, today, May 7, 2010,Mr. Obama cancelled the 2010 National Day of Prayer Ceremony at the White House saying “ . . . we don’t want to offend anybody.” Apparently Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims are not considered to be “anybody.”

#2 While liberally sprinkling about nasty terms ( racists, haters, stupid, Nazis, extremists, astro-turf, storm-troopers, hood-wearing; etc.) in reference to the TEA Party movement, Obama and his people have made an impossible-to-miss effort at a ridiculously extreme form of political correctness (for example in 70 pages discussing the Ft. Hood shooting, where not once were the words “Jihad,” “Terrorism,” “Islam” or “Muslim” to be found . . . that is, the core motivation for Major Hassan’s attack was literally impossible for them to put into “politically-correct” words while they have no trouble finding insults for the “extreme right,” insults they cannot back up with evidence ever. But who exactly is the “extreme right?” According to Mr. Obama? “…Christian right, has done a good job of building these organizations of accountability, much better than the left or progressive forces have. But it's always easier to organize around intolerance, narrow-mindedness, and false nostalgia. And they also have hijacked the higher moral ground with their language of family values and moral responsibility.” In other words Christianity, at least as practiced by conservative individuals is his philosophical enemy.

#3 Back in 2006 while a senator and again when he was already campaigning for president, in 2007, Obama interrupted his activities to visit the homeland of his father, Barak (no ‘c’) Hussein Obama, Sr. in Kenya. He went nominally on fact-finding missions on taxpayers’ money but ‘paused’ while there to help the presidential campaign of Raila Odinga (purportedly the then-senator Obama’s cousin for which no verification could be found other than Odinga’s claim). Odinga was university educated in East Berlin some years before the fall of the Berlin Wall and is a non-apologetic communist, just like Barack’s father Barak (no ‘c’) was. Whether or not the two are cousins, both of their fathers were also unapologetic communists. In the top link immediately below, Barack’s birth dad in a well-known African periodical talks about the benefits of “100% taxes on the rich” and also describes his favorite political system as “scientific socialism” which he quickly clears up by saying “communism.”



Socialism and communism are, of course, closely related . . . far more importantly for this blog, in many communist regimes freedom of religion is very problematical if not impossible. Raila Odinga’s character and Obama’s actions are the question here, however . . . .

Obama made at least fifteen campaign stops for Odinga. Purportedly, he donated $950,000 to Odinga’s** campaign, Rajjpuut is still looking for a second confirmation on that one (if true, the next question is where did that money come from?). Mostly Obama wore a dress shirt and tie when campaigning. However, at least twice he dressed in traditional Muslim garb while addressing Muslim groups. Mr. Obama, despite his claim to be a lifelong Christian and to have “never practiced Islam” spent parts of five years of his youth attending a Muslim school^^ in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia and was reportedly a “prize student.” This is at best, a small issue. However, the character of Mr. Odinga is no small issue. Here’s what Rajjpuut means:

As a communist candidate, Mr. Odinga ran under the banner of “change,” but did not ever breach 50% popularity during the campaign. However, it appears he definitely LOST the election because of a secret deal he made with the Muslim community in Kenya that was reportedly leaked by a disenchanted aide.

Christians are the biggest worship group in Kenya, constituting 45% of the nation’s populace. Muslims are just about 11%. Odinga signed a letter of agreement with the Muslims to make Islam the nation’s official religion and institute “sharia” law. Beside instituting the traditional Muslim treatment of women that the two sides agreed upon, the law would have banned other religions’ access to TV or radio broadcasting. All person-to-person missionary work by other religions would have been banned . . . in short, Mr. Odinga would have curtailed religious freedom and freedom of speech while imposing hateful restrictions on women and girls and thus proved himself the lowest of scum and well- prepared to betray his country.

Within days, the content of the letter of agreement was known all over the country and Odinga was lambasted in the press and public opinion. Pretending the copy of the agreement “captured” was bogus propaganda from the incumbent, Odinga produced a much more “reasonable” agreement and said it was the only one ever negotiated between himself and the Muslims. Mr. Obama never commented when asked about Odinga’s shenanigans. Later as defeat loomed unmistakable, an e-mail from Senator Obama before the election purported telling how Mr. Odinga should handle the matter (violently) was published . . . Rajjpuut could NOT find a second source to confirm Jerome Corsi’s “The Obama Nation’s” claim that the copy of an Obama e-mail advising claiming election fraud and stimulating violence was a probably successful course of action for Odinga. In any case, however, when Odinga lost, Muslim violence coincided with his claim of “widespread election fraud.” An outbreak of violence (against Christians mostly but any non-Muslim) at this Odinga announcement against numerous Christians and Christian churches suffering attacks, maiming and death and wanton arson. Rape was one of the favorite expressions of violent disapproval by the Muslim perpetrators. Obama again claimed no connection. Odinga never apologized or showed regret. To quell the violence, Odinga was offered the newly created post of prime minister by the victor and accepted.

OK, Obama is not crazy about Christians, so what? The problem increasingly is that of Christian passivity in the face of clear and aggravated injustice. Rajjpuut’s reading of the Bible is that “turn the other cheek” is actually an act of courage and aggressive Christian expressionism and not merely crawling back toward some corner to hide. The best examples, one from a Christian and one from a Hindu, are the actions of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mohandas K. Gandhi which demonstrate non-violent but utterly courageous resistance to unjust behavior by one’s “enemy.” This is one reason that Rajjpuut is so enamored of the TEA (taxed enough already) Party – the fact that active resistance to injustice is adopted at every turn of events.

The evidence (often revealed by Rajjpuut on this blogsite) shows Barack Obama’s mother, grandfather and birth father were all communists (and opposed to Christianity and most religious expression); it also shows that his two longest serving mentors, Reverend Jeremiah Wright and poet Frank Marshall Davis are both communists; and it shows that he attended Muslim school for parts of five years and was highly regarded as a student. So, knowing that Barack Obama is an unjust enemy . . . active resistance by Christians and conservatives is called for every step of the way and non-violent dignified protest is the key.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,



^^ http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35402169/

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