Black Panther’s Atrocious Behavior Condoned
by Mainstream Media
and Obama’s Department of Justice
The president who refuses to put his hand over his heart when the Pledge of Allegiance is sworn seems to have forgotten the words and the meaning of the words “. . . with Liberty and Justice for ALL.” “Racism” in the Barack Obama lexicon is something natural that Whites (good Whites as well as bad Whites) do to Blacks and other minorities and nothing more. In other words “racism” is a political tool Obama can use and it clearly has absolutley no connection to ethical or unethical conduct. Only non-Democrats and non-liberals, non-progressives and non-Obama supporters can be guilty of racism. There’s Barack Obama’s highly-balleyhooed notion of “social justice” for you. Like Obama himself, the Left’s concept of social justice and civil rights is a one-way street that can only benefit Obama sycophants and not all Americans.
That is why Obama’s lead political appointee to the Department of Justice (DOJ), Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandez, an Obama heading up the DOJ for Mr. Obama has declared in front of fifty employees that . . . .
A) The DOJ is NOT interested in prosecuting cases of White victims’ civil rights being violated by Black perpetrators.
B) The DOJ is NOT interested in investigating violations of the Motor Voter Law (and thus clearing election rolls of dead, moved, duplicate, felon, illegal, out-of-area, and other irregular voters) saying that would only “dampen voter turnout.”
C) Why Ms. Fernandez dropped the voter intimidation case against the four New Black Panthers parading around in para-military uniforms with nightsticks and verbally abusing White and Black Voters and threatening a beating for a Black poll watcher. The Bush administration had the case won and then suddenly it was dropped. One of the intimidators with a nightstick was also caught on a separate video saying “. . . Black’s can never be free until we start killing some crackers . . . killing some of their cracker babies.” Ms. Fernandez doesn’t seem to want to enforce the hate crimes laws that Democrats were so keen to pass, when the hate is directed against Whites?
The liberal-news-only Washington Post reported that the case “riles the right.” Rajjpuut supposes the Post means it doesn’t rile them? It’s OK for civil rights violations to run against Whites? So civil rights is a Black’s only? Martin Luther King, Jr. would be very sad to hear that. Several times in their article on the subject, the Post pointedly used the words “White” and “Whites” which was a lie. In the Philadelphia voter intimidation case, Whites were intimidated. At least two old Black ladies were intimidated and the aforementioned Black poll watcher was intimidated. More importantly, aside from color . . . VOTERS were intimidated. Shame on the Obama-sycophant Washington Post, shame on them. And the fact that the DOJ only wants to protect rights of minorities is a huge story that all the media should be all over, shame on the liberal media for forgetting to put this one on page one – the Washington Post could at least hold its head up somewhat for putting that real news in their paper.
Let Rajjpuut add the obvious, the decision to drop a case that was already won when the facts (on video) of the case point out clearly that the case is truly just is absolutely UNPRECEDENTED, dare we say the decision was as corrupt as anything since Jim Crow laws in the segregated South. This week a Democratic video on the subject of similar shenanigans by Obama supporters that resulted in his stealing the nomination from Hillary Clinton has surfaced. Thus far a mere 32 ACORN employees have been convicted of voter registration fraud, but the pattern is clear, Mr. Obama only wants to win, he does not respect the American Traditions nor the rights of his opposition to their full rights and their due process. This is our Fearless Leader’s “hope and change?”
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
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