“Say it ain’t so, Joe!” That’s what the disconsolate shoeshine boy is supposed to have said to Shoeless Joe Jackson before the popular Chicago Blacksoxer faced the grand jury in 1919 on charges of rigging the World Series. Based upon the old adage, where there’s smoke there’s fire . . . it appears that the 2010 equivalent might well be, “Tell me it's a lie, Lindsey!” In a castastrophic surrender, it now DOES appear that South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has moved to the dark side and now supports Obama’s three largest and most abysmal initiatives: the Cap and Trade, Immigration “reform,” and financial reform bill a.k.a. Barack Banking. IF this is so, the TRillions of Dollars put at risk by Obamacare will now likely be joined by Tens of TRillions more and . . . most importantly and dangerously potentially fourteen million undocumented alien new Democrats will be created overnight creating an unemployment and entitlement crisis of grotesque proportions and ensuring domination by the Progressive wing of the Democratic Party in all aspects of American politics for the long foreseeable future.
IF, and Rajjpuut again emphasizes IF, Graham’s conversion is a fact, then it’s a whole new game in Washington, D.C. as if the election of Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts never happened and we have in effect returned “back to the future” with Obama and the Democrats holding 60-40 command of the U.S. Senate. If this is true it’s a monstrous betrayal and America is gravely at risk. If Obama is allowed to give amnesty and immediate voting citizenship to the millions of illegal immigrants he will potentially find no obstructions to full-out socialism and could even become dictator for life in the most horrifying possible scenario. Of course the key word is still "IF," but Graham of late has been quacking and waddling and now dipping his head into the lake in an awful amphibious manner, perhaps he has become a Barak-duck, cluck-cluck.
For weeks internet rumors of Democrats discovering and compromising Graham’s supposedly secret homosexual lifestyle have dominated a few progressive blogsites. In the last ten days, usually unreliable and idiotic rightwing blogsites have joined the chorus. According to them, Graham is a self-loathing homosexual whose secret is now compromised. Well, if that’s so or not, Graham has certainly NOT come out of the closet and apparently may be getting “blackmailed” to keep his “secret.” IF that’s so, Graham needs to grow a pair and admit his, little secret, and get on with his life and his political career WITHOUT COMPROMISING the future of the United States. Far too much is at risk for one man’s sexual preference to matter.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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  • This immigration reform initiative by libertarian progressive Democrats is without doubt, a calculated ploy that would ultimately stack the party's base with more than 12 million new voters. President Obama's has said that he wants all "undocumented" Mexicans in this country to pay a fine; learn English; and be placed at the back of the line to obtain citizenship status. He is surely correct in assuming that all of them would ultimately feel obligated and eager to join the Democratic Party after gaining citizenship status. We should not allow this to happen. Even with such "punishment?" as meeting the above cited criteria, it would be equivalent to a slap-on-the-wrist, and tantamount to aiding, abetting and rewarding those who violated our immigration law. Our Federal Government must send a message that violation of our immigration laws shall not be tolerated or condoned, and that consequences will be swift and harsh. Mr. President, this is how you should resolve the “undocumented immigrants” problem: Get the word out via every available media informing them that they have six months to voluntarily leave this country, or report to the nearest law enforcement office (Police or Sheriff) to register, be fingerprinted, and deported. Those who leave voluntarily and those who are registered and deported would be allowed reentry to this country after obtaining appropriate immigration, tourist or work visa. Those who do not leave voluntarily, or register for deportation, would be immediately deported upon discovery when attempting to obtain a job, any service or benefit requiring valid identification, or during arrests or investigation relative to any violation of local or Federal law. These people would be forever banned from reentry to this country. Maintaining their fingerprints would prevent approval of any type of visa request. Those who have children under 18 years old who have valid documentation confirming their birth in this country would be allowed to stay here until their youngest child is 18 years old. Such parent(s) would be mandated to use birth control products to prevent future births within this country. Our elected officials must abandon this political correctness foolishness and send a message to foreigners that the consequences for entering this country without valid immigration documents will be costly.
  • john mcCain and lindsey gram are a disgrace to the conserative party. it appears now that the light has been shined on the progressive movement both democrate and republican progressives are banning to gether secretly.
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