“Some men are genuine in their effort to communicate and to be communicated with, some are always pointing the conversation toward ulterior motives and superficial results (being unwilling to actually change) and though he tried to appear humbled and changed, Barack Obama is set on his course and America be damned.” Rajjpuut
His Obstinacy’ Barack Obama
Refuses to Budge
All men are the same in victory; it is defeat that etches character on a person’s face. “We took a shellacking,” Obama told the Whitehouse press corps at the first conference after an overwhelming defeat for Democrats saw 50 House seats; six Senate seats; and nine governorships slip from his party’s hands to the Republicans in the 2010 midterm elections. But this reporter saw only a “false humility and a lot of “personal expressions of feelings” revealed by the conference and not a single clear commitment to positive and needed change. It was quite clear that Obama is not interested in learning anything from the voters whose eloquence was far more powerful yesterday than any feigned contrition by their chief executive this afternoon . . . in a phrase: the president STILL DOESN’T GET IT.
Rajjpuut would like to congratulate the White House press corps which for the first time in the Obama presidency refused to serve up batting practice but instead sent a string of “hard ball” questions at the Commander-in-Chief. Unfortunately, Mr. Obama constantly insisted upon putting his own ball on a special tee and allowing himself several practice swings before dealing with the peripherary of the strong and honest questions he faced. Finally, the mainstream media showed some willingness to put Obama the man and Obama the president and Obamanomics (his policies) under a microscope. The headline writers have not been nearly so incisive as the reporters were in their questioning. Already 90% of them report that Obama has shown a “willingness to compromise.” Wanna bet?
Item: Obama still insisted upon lecturing America, his party and Republicans on the fine points of Das Kapital instead of taking to heart these far more terse, powerful and accurate lessons from the free market:
Item: Obama still danced around issues even when they were put squarely to him. Asked about business and jobs and spending and possible new directions, he unleashed a storm of platitudes and invoked the magic word “emergency” at least ten times during the talk. He had his excuse (emergency) and he never let Americans forget it.
Item: When reminded that he had told Republicans “Elections have consequences” after taking office and had NOT worked openly or transparently with the “other side of the aisle” so far during his presidency, Obama refused to admit that his policies or his direction so far could be anything close to misguided or GASP “wrong.”

Item: He talked in platitudes about business and the economy while consistently talking about green-energy and clean environment. He spoke of “natural gas” and “alternatives repeatedly but never once mentioned the words “coal” or “oil” or talked about electrical prices which is key . . . because Mr. Obama has said before his energy policies will “bankrupt the coal industry” and “electricity rates would necessarily sky-rocket." Yet here he was talking about energy in one form or another for perhaps 25% of the speech without once mentioning coal, oil or energy prices? If you, the reader, take nothing else from this blog: remember that simple straightforward honesty means simple straightforward talk not "beautiful words" and phrases spoken in appropriately reverent tones. Mr. Obama cannot be blunt because Mr. Obama cannot be honest about his goals for this country which are dramatically different from mainstream America's goals and the truth about this discrepancy would make mainstream America despise him . . . .


Obama never once seriously talked about businesses’ need for predictability or GASP profits. As a result he never connected needed jobs to needed profits and needed actions by government to cut taxes, cut spending and get out of the free market's way so those business profits could emerge naturally. He mentioned directly and obliquely the disproven idea of global warming as justification never once letting out that Europe as a whole has refuted the idea since the revelations of Climategate came to light. For example, much of the American press and intelligent American people are aware that even the ultra-liberal London Times admits that global warming is a hoax:

Mr. Obama, in Europe the climate-change “deniers” (like Rajjpuut) used to call global warming alarmists “mean-greenies,” but now much of the establishment in business and government in Europe calls them “watermelons” meaning “green on the outside and pink to Deep RED on the inside” because now only socialists and communists still push this 100% disproven effort at science while seeking the necessary 100% government control of business and industry that Cap and Trade requires . . . and yet you mentioned Cap and Trade positively twice in your “contrition speech” before opening up to questions.
Item: Just as he insisted six months ago that the main emphasis of NASA going forward was to “outreach to the Muslim world community” he still apparently believes that the main goal of business is to oppress people and dirty the environment and exploit the rest of the planet . . . absolutely nothing he said today would make any careful listener believe differently.
Item: When a direct question was put to him about his “car in the ditch analogy” where putting the car in R (for Republican or Reverse) was the wrong move and it needed to be put in D (for Democrat or Drive) . . . “Do you admit that your policies might have been taking the country in the wrong direction?” Obama grimaced and said “We’ve at least been pushing in the opposite directions,” a good-sounding answer but one which refuses to face up to the excellent question** he was asked.
Mr. Obama refuses to ever consider that anything he’s done could be fundamentally wrong, therefore HE CANNOT LEARN FROM HIS MISTAKES AND CANNOT GROW FROM HIS EXPERIENCE. Hopefully he is doomed to be a one-term president, because the answers to our problems and the decisions for our future cannot come from such a man. Some men are genuine in their effort to communicate and to be communicated with, while some are always pointing the conversation toward ulterior motives and superficial results (being unwilling to actually change) and though he tried to appear humbled and changed, Barack Obama is set on his course (because he knows best) and America be damned!
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
**The BIG TRUTH of the ditch analogy (what in propaganda science is called a “BIG LIE” is this:
George Bush saw Obama, ACORN and Clinton pushing the car (the economy) toward a 500 foot cliff (utter disaster), jumped in and grabbed the steering wheel and hit the brakes to coast it into the nearest friendly-looking ditch.
This shocking counter-analogy would be best proven with a full expose of the problems that caused the financial debacle running from the creation of the Cloward-Piven Strategy in 1966; through the deliberate bankrupting of New York City in 1975 by Cloward, Piven and NWRO leader George Wiley; the creation of the CRA ’77 by Washington and of ACORN in Arkansas both in 1977 with CRA laws forcing lenders to make knowingly bad loans; Bill Clinton’s executive expansion and his three legislative expansions <twice in ’95 and the steroid version in ‘98> of CRA laws . . . an explanation which six or seven pages could barely do justice to. Let it suffice to say . . . .
In January, 2005, (14 months after Rajjpuut had become aware of the serious nature of our housing industry bubble -- subprime lending crisis --- and derivatives bubble and been writing about it) George Bush noticed and acted immediately. His attempts to undo the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977’s most poisonous features were rebuffed by the Democrats. Mr. Bush personally or through other administration representatives talked to Congress at least another 18 times about the seriousness of this matter. Finally, in July, 2007 (30 months later) a bi-partisan very weak bill was passed. It, of course proved to be way too little, way too late and within three months the financial storm clouds were on us. However, Bush’s efforts had gotten us through the worst of the storm. In August, 2010, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner credited Bush’s actions from preventing a truly disastrous financial meltdown and ugly run on housing prices.

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