Progressive/Socialist Failures in America


Donald Trump has not even been sworn in yet as the next President and yet the media, academia, celebrities, and anarchists have been yapping and nipping at his heels like jackals over a dead wildebeest. Even the politicians on the progressive/socialist side have taken to turning their backs on the appearance of collegiality. Set against the backdrop of this administration declaring that it is “scandal-free” that is also being placed as a clarion call through the media has still not convinced the American people that it is true.  The Russians did not steal the election, there still is no proof but being taken as gospel because that is what our “intelligence agencies” have declared. This are the same intelligence agencies that said they would never think about spying on the American people. We know how that turned out.

The groups that met just after midnight on Election day were angry. Socialist labor unions were there, environmental groups, immigration groups, gay rights groups and civil rights organizations were all a part of a meeting in which Jim Messina, who was in charge of Obamas re-election campaign telling them that there should not be any attempts to compromise or work with the new Trump administration. I have no doubt that Obama knew of this meeting and yet still tries to push the lie that he wants a smooth transition. The Democracy Alliance, funded by Nazi collaborator George Soros, also has held meetings demanding resistance against Trump.

Academia, long a progressive/ socialist stronghold has gotten into the action as well. Georgetown University held an event called “Resisting, Organizing and Building in the Age of Trump”, ostensibly because they are so concerned with the freedom and dignity of individuals during the Trump Presidency. What it really is, was a meeting of activists/organizers/academics and anarchists to discuss the racism, bigotry, and oppression of the Trump Presidency.  Once again, the old haggard tripe about “white privilege” was brought up, and that whites need to understand that they have white privilege so they know when to shut up. Like Multiculturalism, “white privilege” is a made up Marxist paradigm that is being used to try and keep those that disagree with the Marxist agenda quiet that is not working anymore.

Hollywood liberals are now bullying those who disagree.  All must be made to agree with the liberal/progressive agenda. Threats and bullying have been the rallying cry of those who aren’t the tolerant, loving family that they want people to believe. Stuck in the little bubble they have made for themselves, and speaking as if from on high to us poor peasants that they feel so superior to. Even so little as saying that we need to give President Trump a chance will get you vilified, working once again as “political correctness” to be a message to others not to speak out. The “political correctness’ and “white privilege” talking points are used to intimidate conservatives and relious entities to be silent. The moral and religious opinions that have done this country well have been shouted down by being threatened with loss of jobs, reputation and status.

The “Black Bloc”, a group of anarchists all dressed in black, with their faces covered, and looking for virtual anonymity as they commit the crimes they have planned are basically cowards, and while the progressive/socialists continue to tolerate these animals, the American people will not. While they cover their faces, and scream that Trump is a fascist, it is they who have the fascistic tendencies. They whimper about oppression as if the claim of being oppressed give no limit to the abuses they can confer on others. The American people do not believe that people are oppressed and are victims of the bad white people when all you do is go out and smash windows, burn businesses, and attack those who disagree.

 These anarchists are nothing more than parasites and with the assistance of the fake news media has attempted to show that they are a major force in the politics of the world. The truth is, they are not. They are self centered narcissistic losers who need the attention to make their miserable lives seem worth living. Even the professional anarchists who will be in charge this Inauguration day and in the future have no future after they throw their temper tantrum. They have already threatened local officials in Washington D.C.  , saying they will hunt them down will burn their houses, they will go to war, and you (the everyday people” will lose.

What if this energy was turned toward solutions for our inner cities, for the assistance that so many of those in our failing schools need? This energy could be used to rebuild the black middle class family. It will never happen because groups such as Black Lives Matter, M.E.CH.A. , LA Raza,  and others are more concerned with the destruction of capitalism and the American way of life than they are in working together to make things better. I live in California, I know socialism when I see it. Our socialist governor and people like Xavier Becera, just named to be Californias attorney general and a member of M.E.CH.A.,  a  group that claims California as a part of a mythical land of Aztlan. Becera has also pushed for the voting right of illegal aliens, claiming if they work, (some do) and pay taxes (most don’t), they should be able to vote.

 Sorry, this white, and millions of others won’t shut up, as a matter of fact we have just found our voices against the Marxist ideas of multiculturalism and political correctness. And that voice is growing, and will continue to grow. We do not need to prove ourselves to you, we do not need to explain ourselves, nor do we need to apologize for anything. I am a white male, stigmatized in many places because of my moral beliefs, my religion and my patriotism. I don’t care if you do not like me, I don’t care that you don not agree with my beliefs. I have always been one to give anyone a chance, and to help my fellow man. You can go forth and preach your moral superiority, but it is a collapsing house. Those of you following the progressives/socialist agenda do not understand those who you malign so easily. You are so steeped in your bigotry that you can see the kindness of the everyday people in this country. It may surprise you that there are hardworking, educated people in the heartland that are as good if not better than you. They are the people that have made this country what it is. They are the people who don’t mind getting their hnds dirty to move themselves, others and the country forward. Your self-righteousness and sense of all encompassing power will come to naught,  the American people have spoken, and made their coice. SO burn what you must, scream all you want, but understand that if it comes to attacking those that disagree with you, the American people will fight back.

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